The Golden verb Samael Samael word Mantra is a deep and profound esoteric meaning.


"Samael as Will Christ."

"Samael as God's will."

"John Samael as a verb."


"Samael as a prophet of the Most High"

"Samael as Kalki Avatar of Aquarius"

"Samael as regent of Mars"


"Samael as Patriarch of the Gnostic Church"

"Samael is a keyword of the Army of the Voice"

"Samael is a fiery sound oridisiaco the big word"


"Samael as lord of strength"

"Samael archetype mathematical and geometric geometry giving aquarium"

"Samael, consciousness, light, and love will dilute existing in everything"


"Samael verb creator of men and Gods"

"Samael, in us, with us and for us"

"Samael, our savior, Lord help us, inspire us to understand the deep meaning of the language of your name"


"Samael, give us your will and Christ consciousness, to sing your mantra and chant your name at the altar of love when we practice Sahaja Maituna, and transcendental meditation group with Gnostic brethren in the Sanctuaries of the Gnostic Church."


SA ... MA ... THE ...


Gnostic Brothers in praise of the great name Let us sing and sing your name individually syllables either second chamber, individually or in group copula metaphysics with persuasive emotion Mantram Sacred SA ... MA ... THE ...


The Golden mantram universal language "ZA" contains the "Z" to the beam itself, zig zageante the snake, the whip will Christ.


Brother Gnostic let lightning rumbling thunder of the "Z" in all your soul, all your being, the superman Samael.


Ask your conscience vibrate in different parts of your being zig zageante fire and sharp hiss of the serpent to sing the "Z" of the mysteries.


Gesturing properly whip the mantra of Christ's will, "Z".


Make thunder rumbling in your own personal god to vibrate your seminal waters and the fire of the Holy Spirit "Z" the fruitful for the resurgence of fire of Christ, life itself in your inner nature.


As we know the mantra "A" symbolizes the radical moisture, the lustral water aquam of crude semen alchemists as found in the altar of the temple and our sexual organs.


Turn on a fire water through "Z" or "S" of the serpent Samael.


Sing now with persuasion and positive emotion the mantra "M" and the teacher will come, living symbol aquarium hieroglyphic river meandering brook of Dionysian vibration to this golden age is coming.


We extend the "M" of the mysteries and the deep Dionysian feel vibrating in our own conscience, continue singing the letter "A" of the radical moisture and feel as fertilizing forces of the Divine Mother in her five aspects become flesh and blood of our own Self


Fill your lungs transmuting pure ether removed from your bodies to vibrate creating the mantra "MA" to you, that the heavenly mother of Samael deposit your love in the depths of our essence and our being and become aware of his five splits.


If you sing very sweet, very soft and very gently exhale breath the mantra "MA". The powerful seven kalki now shines on you.


He is the highest part of our being and all beings must engage in a self Gnosis.


The Gods atomic seminal resurfacing system into existence with the verb and sexual magic.


The God particular atomic individual Gnostic brother is one of the different parts of the Being and more Gnostic transcendental in this crusade, this atomic Samael God in each of us received the archetype to the code, the key of heaven of our Lord Christ the cosmic Christ Samael vehicle to break the ties that bind us to the law of karma, destiny and the unclean spirit pluralized.


The Lord also expressed in Samael cosmic Christ and God in that particular atomic Samael inside to surrender the keys of heaven, gives us the key to the redemption of our soul and our being because we tied them to the mysteries of light so we can inherit the garments of light and the treasure of light.


So Samael within us is the highest part of our being, it is the recipient of the regent of Mars, is the recipient of the cosmic Christ himself.


Samael as savior twin is the Christ Light that came into the world to bring our darkness to the kingdom of the treasure of light.


Let us sing now the mantra "The" and feel deep into the unknown of our immortal spark of our God and deep superlative "The Buddha Samael".


"The" is the Brahma, "The" is the father, "He" is Jeu, "The" is all part of being, "The" is the instructor of our Pistis Sophia ...


"He" is our guide, "The" is our support, "El" is our support, in "The" we placed all our hopes.


"He" is the one that planted the seed of light with love and wisdom of the universe Gnosis in our essence and our Being


"The" is what has led to the practice of self Gnosis of the new day.


"The" is the creator of men and Gods, "The" Samael and no other is the one that has taught meditation to the death of self to annihilate the ego.


"The" is you know ...


"Buddha Samael is the incarnation of the Three Roots divine Brahma Shiva and Vishnu.


That the mantra "The" as in you is divine lightning, rumble, sound, thunder and flashes in more subtle fibers of your soul and your Self, practicing sexual magic, so we have consciousness: "SA-MA-The" ...