Samael thank You for your love.

We thank thee Samael Gnostic Brotherhood of the world,

From the bottom of our hearts, for your love Samael.

Samael thank You for Your goodness.

Samael thank You for Your mercy.

Samael thank You, for your boundless love.


Samael thank You, for your self-sacrifice to redeem us from sin.

Samael thank You, for your example.

Samael thank You, for your strength.

Samael thank You, for your wisdom.


Samael thank You, for your infinite knowledge.

Samael thank You, for your virtue.

Samael thank You for your grace.

Samael thank You, for your beauty.


Samael give you humble thanks to Your Real Self within deep, in the name of thy blessed Son our Lord the Christ, teach the gnosis.


Thanks, Samael give you humble, for bringing the fifth gospel.

Thanks, Samael give you humble, for your blessing on this earth humanity.

Thank humbly explain the three factors of the revolution of consciousness.

Thank Samael blessed by your doctrine Marciana.


Thanks Samael, light of lights, for teaching us to die in ourselves.

Thanks Samael, for giving the meditation on death of me.

Thank blessed Samael, for teaching us to transmute sexual sperm into energy, in conscience, in spirit, in light.


Thanks Samael, God of light, for allowing us to value and overvalue the sperm (semen).

Thanks Samael will of the living God, for teaching us how to practice sexual magic.

Infinite thanks Samael, God of goodness, for giving the "map" to get to the light from the light of the treasure of light.


Thanks Samael, warrior force, for pointing out how to make solar bodies.

Thanks Samael, Regent of Mars, by putting ourselves in the path of initiation.

Thanks Samael, Angel of Light, for showing the direct path to all.

Samael Thanks for explaining the twelve labors of Hercules "The Solar Christ".


Thank blessed Samael, our God, to revolutionize our consciousness and lead to light (in your book the Three Mountains)

Thanks Samael, driving our essences to the treasure of your light.

Thanks Samael, by explaining and teaching us how to crystallize and integrate the Pearl seminal and crystallize the Golden Embryo.

Thanks Samael, for pointing out how to revolutionize and establish the great rebellion, in every particle of light engrossed in the animal ego.


Thanks Samael, goodness of the virtues, for allowing us to recognize our inner nothingness.

Samael Thanks for giving us the technique to self-observe and self discovery.


"Thanks Samael, our Guru, for wanting to become men, supermen".


Thanks Samael, unveiled by Pistis Sophia.

Thanks Samael, by the secret doctrine of Anahuac.

Samael Thanks for occult medicine.

Thanks Samael, the Kabala.


Thanks, thanks, thanks for your infinite wisdom, exquisite to the palate of self awareness.

Thanks for restoring the Gnostic principles anthropological all cultures of the world upon the face of the earth.

Avatar of Aquarius Samael Thanks for making ringing bells of the cathedral light of our consciousness of Aquarius.

Samael Thanks for making us feel that we are not alone, that we have you and all the gods of the universe.


Thanks Samael, reflect in the mirror of the imagination of your being, every part of our being, Samael thanks for this.

Thanks Samael, servant of the Most High, for letting us know all the parts of the inner being superlative Deep.

Thanks, King of Mars, for teaching the science of how to integrate each and every one of the parts of the being in the great integrator, the Christ deep inside.


Thanks Samael, for being you and forgive ourselves for what we are.

Samael Thanks for bringing the Holy Gods, to our consciences.

Thanks Samael, for pointing out the path of inner independence.


Thank you my Lord, for teaching us to forgive, and forgive as you forgave all the sins with baptism of fire.

Thanks King of Mars, to bring and deliver the mysteries of your Holy Grail to this land brotherhood.

Thanks Samael, Holy Patriarch of the Buddhist Gnostic Church, for bringing to our afflicted world the baptism of water, fire and the Holy Ghost baptism and anointing Mass, personified in the Sahaja-Maithuna.


Thanks Samael, Lord of force, to restore Gnostic Liturgy in this World.

Thanks Samael, for teaching the liturgy, to teach.

Thanks Samael, by the 7 golden chairs Gnostic Holy Liturgy.

Samael Thanks for having brought and restored the Gnostic Church upon the face of the Earth.

Samael Thanks for giving us the Holy Gnostic Unction.


Samael Thanks for all this and everything else, we know that your humble say:


- "It is my duty, Gnostic brothers of the earth" -


Samael Thanks for allowing us to rediscover our particular Divine Mother.


Samael, through your beloved son, you let us know, the son of the man in you and in us.

Samael, through your Holy Mother Divine, we have met our individual Divine Mother or Splits its five aspects.

Samael, through the five aspects of God in you mother, we could relate and learn these five aspects of God Mother in us.


Samael, through the twelve powers that dwell in you, you let us know and relate to the 12 apostles BE interiors.

Samael, by the indwelling Christ, we have been able to understand and relate to the intimate Christ.

Samael, Cosmic Christ, please relate to the Cosmic Christ.


"Samael, we understand the Christ in substance, the Christ consciousness, the second Logos, For your substance and your conscience."


Samael, You are the embodiment of AVALOKITESHUARA, for you know the Tibetan Buddhist mysteries.


Samael, Lord of the Gnostic Church, through the Holy comprehensive in you, we understand the need to reconcile ourselves with the Holy Grail.

Samael, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in you, and know essentially consciousness, the Holy Conciliation, which unites together, amalgam, reconciles the light with the light, the arch magician, to Archihierofante, husband of Mother Divine, the Holy Grail, who dwells in all of us.


Samael, the God Father in you deep inside blackberry, know the doctrine of the Father and we have related to the Father within.

Samael, King of Mars, we have related the thirteen Reyes Planetary solar system, thank you.

Samael, on the highest parts of your inner depths, we learned of these parts unknown superlative of SER.

Samael, thanks for teaching us to pray, talk, worship, feel each of the parts of the deep inner self.

Samael, thanks to your holy Sol all, we have the brotherhood Gnostic mysteries of the Absolute.


Samael, blessed Lord, by your pure and holy "Triple Ain", we know that there is a triple Ain in us.

Samael, the center of gravity of your true inner self that dwells deep, living, throbbing, in the sacred Ankh Lad, have the mysteries of Osiris, the God manifested in the absolute black.

Samael, we know the reality of Omeyokan - "the navel of the universe" - thanks to you.


Samael, thanks for pointing out the reality of Tlaque Nahuaque.

Samael, Lord Keeper of the Great Wall, we know the goal of the universe, where the ring is not passed through your being.

Samael, thanks to your love, we have the inner mysteries of Teotihuacan.


Samael, for that part of you superlative of being; elevated "jeu", we've connected with our "jeu" interior, and know the power of the creative imagination of the inner self-observation.

Samael, by the holy tree of life abundant fruits of gold and who dwells in you, we know the tree of life inside.

Samael-unfolding of Pistis Sophia, thanks for giving endless mysteries of Pistis Sophia.


Samael by you exist,

Samael by you feel the SER,

Samael by you live for God,

Samael by you preach the fifth gospel,

Samael for you practice the three factors of the revolution of consciousness,


Samael, thanks to your Divine Mother Kundalini by pouring his love into our troubled souls.

Samael, thank you Blessed Mother Divine, practice, pray the prayer ritual, which she printed in the Secret Doctrine of Anahuac which states: OH Mother Divine! ...


Samael, when your inner Peter preached mysteries of book 7 seals, (sex) and gave us through your inner Peter exact classes on how to use the two keys that open the gates of Heaven, Peter met the interior.

Samael, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in you, you taught us the doctrine of John inside the big word, of great encouragement.

Samael, when your inner Andrew, prophesied the mysteries of the Thistle St. Andrew, the Apostle of Christ, you let us know and relate to our inner Andr�s, - "The double spear" -.


Samael, thanks to that part of your being, antimony, know that it is the gold fixing the solar bodies.

Samael, by the Dalai Lama sacred dwelling in you, we know the Earth's White Lodge, the Order-Sacred Tibet College of Gnostic church initiates of the higher worlds.

Samael, when a diverse part of your being, talked, talked, taught from lip to ear, at conferences, on your lips, woke up to this reality, conscious relationship with these different parts of the particular individual being is in deep within.


Samael, no words or feelings to express our appreciation for all those infinite goodness of your goodness, that infinite love is in your noble heart.

Samael, without you we would continue in ignorance.

Samael, without you, our souls undoubtedly would roll into the abyss.

Samael, without your love, light and strength, we could not be in autognosis.

Samael, please relate to the King of Planet Earth "Zorocotora Melchizedek."


Chela of Maitreya Buddha Samael type:


When the indwelling Christ Samael, raised me from lip to ear, and essentially met the majesty of Christ consciousness that dwells in you, when the Holy Spirit Samael, who dwells in you, I spoke from lip to ear, felt in the presence of all the powers of my soul SHIVA, when your real Being the supreme Buddha Samael dwells in you, I called from lip to ear, in the name of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu to your holy presence, came to me and preached to my essence and my being, the wisdom of your true Self, with his power and wisdom, strength and love.


When your Intimate (The Jivatman), taught me the mysteries of BUDA intimate lip to ear, my soul was filled with joy when dialogue face to face with the King of Mars, Samael taught me wisdom Marciana.


When your inner wise Minerva (divine wisdom) Samael from lip to ear, illuminated my understanding, I felt unlimited happiness.


When I heard your voice for the first time in this physical world, I feel like I said when I practice sexual magic, and you told me .....


SAMAEL BUDA OH!, Humbly ask your blessing on all Gnostic Brotherhood of Asian Buddhist Gnostic Church, faithful to the Sacred Order of Tibet and your Inner Buddha, in practice autognosis, and beg you never let our Budhatas withdraw from the path of Jnana.


Pure Gnosis.



And love you FOREVER.