Samael Aun Weor, the will of the cosmic Christ AVALOKITESHUARA, is the genius of the planet dogue outer planetary (Mars), Dani, the great restorer of human consciences of Dogue, bore witness to Him


Samael is the major recipient of the cosmic light that reaches dogue, "Mars" and relayed to earth by love.


Samael is immortal physical body and is expected Western White Buddha in Tibet.


When your diani Bodhisatwa walks the streets of dogue, the inhabitants of the planet Mars, not unaware that he is the beloved son of the king of the world, Samael.


All the ancient wisdom of the ages Martian, shine glorious in being "Purusha" deep inside of their inhabitants.


Samael, the Martian planetary logos, is crucified in the heart temple, the abode of dogue sidereal, as receiver of the light coming from the sun's limb and the relays with and love your body so there is multidimensional and planetary have life in abundance.


Samael and his angels "Devas" warriors of the ancient land moon, held in the ancient land moon, called cosmic day in the past that planet "Selene", the Holy Gnostic Unction to the breaking of bread and wine.


Samael and his twelve apostles, publicly performed in the past day cosmic drama of the crucifixion on the planet "Selene" Satellite Moon today, the same cosmic drama that Yeshua ben Pandira publicly performed 2000 years ago.


Samael took the supreme sacrifice of the crucifixion, he was given vinegar, made fun of the centurions, risked their clothes after the event of Golgotha, rose from the living dead, the great Selene, teaching mankind that time, gnosis, the path of the revolution of consciousness, with his practice of the three factors.


Samael took as the heart of the temple holy grail "of Dogue Selene".


Samael has brought to this planet earth, "The Holy Grail" The Holy Grail Temple Heart Of Mars, giving us the Gnostic doctrine, for the salvation of the souls of the earth.


The Dogue Samael planetary body is hollow, with enormous caves, joined together inside the belly of all continents.

Samael, king of the world responds, for all the souls of Dogue.


The great elders, initiates of the White Lodge Marciana, are priests forever, according to the priestly order of Samael.


Samael and his people, is incarnated here on earth, to redeem your volitional impulse Martian treasure into the light of light.


The deeply sacred name "Samael Aun Weor", meaning God, king of righteousness, king of peace.


Samael has no earthly father or mother dogue earthly, neither on this planet we call earth, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God, remains a priest forever.


Samael is the minister of "Atin" or Michael King from the sun and working under him.


Samael the planetary logos, sent his Diani Bodhisatwa to earth, as the rulers of this solar system, governments are divided planetary humanities at different times.


Samael is the fifth of the Seven Angels of the Apocalypse of St. John, who has suffered from the members of the solar family.


"Samael is a man and is a God."


Samael The Dogue regent, is a creator of worlds cosmocrator, gods and men.


Samael, Super man who is now in Shangrila, an alien, an inhabitant of another world that is here with us for love.


The ruler of Dogue, is a fiery God, the great brotherhood of the solar system and the galaxy in which we live and have our Being


Samael ruler of Mars, is Patriarch of the Gnostic Church of the higher worlds of Earth and this solar system and the galaxy.


Dogue Samael's logos, is an inhabitant of the wall guard. "Ring of where it is passed."


Samael has its center of gravity in the Sacred An klad, in Omeyocan, the Teotihuacan, the goal of the universe.


Samael is an inhabitant of the Absolute, the uncreated light of Adhi-Buddha and who is with us for love.


Samael has several infinite consciousness "Galaxies" within your own being.


Samael is The Cosmic Christ AVALOKITESHUARA, humanized, with planetary body and man.


Samael is a paramartazaya, with 4 degrees of perfection of the four Kayas, made several mahavantaras.


Galactic Samael is a man with several mahavantaras eternal existence.


Samael man in microcosm, within all humanity solar, walking and living on the surface of the planetary body "Dogue", created by, is the highest part of the Being, in every brother of the planet Mars.


Samael The Regent of Mars in us who love the Gnostic doctrine Marciana and we are here on earth, fallen, "Being From Mars", struggling to get up, we recognize that our Self is the highest part, superlative and transcendental .


Samael the ruler of Mars in the inhabitants of the earth, who practice self-gnosis is the highest part of your being, that is what put us on the path of gnosis.


Samael, Regent of Dogue now is the Avatar of Aquarius, the driver and revolutionary ground of human consciousness.


Samael, Zorocotora and twelve sidereal bodies, working in harmony for the good of this afflicted world, under the regency of the Sacred Order of Tibet.


Samael Regent of Mars, is the degree, on this planet earth Supreme Dalai Lama and is an active member of the White Lodge of Tibet, led by RISHI-ACLAIVA roamed.


Samael ruler of Dogue incarnated on earth is great Guru of the Universal Buddhist Gnostic Church.


Samael sidereal Dogue genius in this world is the global president of the Gnostic Anthropology.


Samael highest servant of the god Mars:

He's a great friend

It is a big brother of light

A diani Bodhisatwa


Samael is the inner depths of the lord of strength.

Samael is one of the tetrasustentadores of this universe.


Samael The King of Mars, in this world has no favorite ground, the favorite is the one of their children.


Samael The Christ, has come down to this obscure our inner universe full of darkness, to rescue each of the particles of light (of consciousness), embedded, locked in the animal ego, useless clothes.


Samael King of Mars, sent his beloved Son the Christ, to teach the doctrine of Christ and the Buddha intimate intimate.


Buddha Samael, longs integration of all children in Him


Samael, the great integrator AVALOKITESHUARA through Gnosis, works to integrate all parts of being isolated superlative in every brother Gnostic Gnosis Auto practicing.


Samael, King Of Dogue, has brought the doctrine of Super Man to land each brother Gnostic.


Samael has restored, built, all the doctrines of our ancestors in the gnosis cultures; foundation of themselves, to show us the way to the light.


Samael is pure love

Samael is conscious love

Samael is omniscience

Samael is wisdom and love

Samael is intelligence and know

Samael is infinite mercy

Samael is boundless charity

Samael is the great kindness

Samael is grace

Samael is the virtue

Samael is unity and life

Samael is the force

Samael is the power

Samael is Quetzalcoatl

Samael is Osiris

Samael is The Christ

Samael is gratitude

Samael is knight

Samael is the most sublime mission

Samael is the beauty of love in our hearts. . . . . . . . . . . . Amen