And he reports that incarnate


A "SHIVA" the Holy Spirit



While in the monastery, Patriarch calls me and tells me immediately see if there'll master (The monastery is in Guadalajara Mexico, is an hour's flight to the capital Mexicana).


I took it for the trip, said goodbye, delegate tasks, and then delivery to the airport in 15 minutes get the airplane, buy tickets, get to Mexico.


I take a taxi, came to the Master's house, knocked on his door open for me, and I salute the grandmother, and head to the second floor where the office of Grand Master Instructor, and guide the Gnostic Institutions.


After the usual greetings Gnostics - Peace Inverential Brother - tells me the Lord, Peace Inverential VM Samael, I reply.


Full of joy and happiness our patriarch radiating pure white light for his body and his whole being, he says:


Brother now I'm a real immortal, I'm an immortal, uttered with great power-Being of Being, the Ruler of Mars Samael.


I achieved all of immortality in this life, almost all over the reinstatement of the Egyptian mummy in this present body, and I have the gift of tongues, I can speak all the languages ​​of earth and of the universe.


And tell me again full of joy: I'm immortal, I told brother 58 days ago, that 58 days would restore the Third Logos in the Buddha Shiva intimate and already achieved so I am a true immortal.


I told him caught, of infinite happiness in his face, Master, now I'm going to Europe to the mission, where other languages, you with that power of which languages ​​could not endosarme one of its languages, so I told joke but a real desire on the Petition.


To which I replied with the patriarch radical power of his word that came from his SHIVA, the Holy Spirit: "Everyone is everyone so you have to make for yourself."


Good teacher (bowing to the Tibetan style replied)


This time it was a time in the relationship, with the ruler of the planet Mars and its various plans of his being, I saw him more happy and blissful than ever. This happened in January 1977.


There in his private office, where the Blessed Shiva, the god of love, told me after sending me to call from Guadalajara. I have the Holy Spirit incarnate SHIVA.


And the same as bird humanized SHIVA immaculate white light Purisima told me that.


He, his SHIVA or Holy Spirit, let me through their presence and the sound of its verb, see the majesty of Shiva.


And then I said Samael GURU said: "I will return eastern Tibet, the Shangrilla, with a group of older brothers to the end of time to start the great exodus, and into the smoke and flames rescue them, to those who have worked really about themselves. "


The drive to the sacred island that was a secret point of the Pacific Ocean and there the brothers were devoted to the elimination of the radical Animal Ego "MARA.


Have a great responsibility with your being and humanity, no matter what, you have to achieve self-realization of your being.