"In these precise moments the army of World Salvation it advances powerful in the whole America. Our Movement already glows glorious in the whole Western Hemisphere, later on we will have to take the Gnosis to Europe."


"A little later in the time we will advance on the Asia and there it is said that it is where our movement "The Church Gnostic J�ana" will arrive to its acme, to its maximum splendor.


When this has been completed, for that time the Dalai Lama it will have returned to its throne and the communist Chinese will have abandoned such a country.


I will complete certain secret Mission in the Tibet and then definitively will advance toward the AGHARTI.


It will be in the lands of Jinas, in the Vertical fourth where for some tempo I will live in company off many initiate.


In Eves of the final Cataclysm that I understand it will be in the incoming century after the year 2000, a group of siblings, Lamas, followers of the Light Interior fraternity, we will abandon those sacred oriental lands to come toward the Western World.


Then, we won't already come writing Books neither dictating conferences, but looking for those that are self-realized, or at least those that have dissolved at least fifty percent of the ego, at least that, Those will be the Select ones!


We know perfectly how to rediscover them in the Earth!


We don't need of their postal or domiciliary signs! Privately we will take them to us to the Island of Promise!


After the Great Catastrophe, the earth will be wrapped in fire and vapor of water and the select ones from that island they will can see the bereavement to death between the fire and the Water.


Past two centuries the rainbow will shine in the clouds again, sign of a New Alliance of God with the Men! New lands will have arisen of the bottom of the oceans so that Pedro's prophecies are completed the Apostle in their Epistle second to the Romans:


"And they will have new skies and New Lands�. The select Nucleus settled down in those lands will give origin to the future sixth race root."


"In the New age don't be admitted anybody that has Ego. When the select Nucleus settles down in new lands, they will already have dissolved the Ego. And those that take body among the select group will be lacking Ego. It is prohibited in the New Age to give body to those who have Ego."


"If a person has Ego in the future of Gold; that person would put an end to the Age of Gold, he would damage all, he would harm gravely, and this is that I can answer in those instants."


The one that adulterates my words; that will be erased of the book of the Life.