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Samael Buddha KALYANAMITRA. DGE-BAI-BSHES-GNEM Teacher, spiritual friend Hinayana.


Samael Venerable ARHAT DGRA-BCOM-PA "The one that has conquered the enemy"; Teacher that has arrived to the highest grade of perfection Hinayana.


Samael adorable blessed BHAGAVAT SAMAEL BCOM. IDAN. DAS; Conquering Buddha of everything, Samael, Bodhisattva of compassionate heart that surrenders to the humanity, the fifth truth or "SAHAJA-MAITHUNA" with annihilation Buddhist, during the Sahaja-Maithuna without Seminal ejaculation.


Samael, Awake Buddha.


SAMAEL SANG-RGYAS; purified and expanded Buddha that has made completely apparent, the power of Shakti Kundalini in the Sahaja-Maithuna or Urdhvarata


In the SAMAYA-JANA HINAYANA is an essential point.


That it is to consider the Guru Samael, as a Buddha; to consider that The BUDDHA SAMAEL is the essence of the three supreme Rays of BRAHAMA SHIVA AND VISHNU.


SAMAEL THE BUDDHA is A DHARMAKAYA DEVA that has descended of the ADHI-BUDDHA to bring the Message Jana of the fifth truth.


SAMAEL THE BUDDHA IS A GUESHE OR DGE-BAI BSHES-GEN Teacher in the knowledge of the Dharma and spiritual friend.


Samael BLA-MA GURU, Spiritual Teacher Jana-Hinayana.


Samael is a BODHI for that it possesses the illuminated knowledge purified and sophisticated "BYAN-CHUB." A Buddha SAMAEL LAMA-BLA-MA respectable Teacher or high and Maternal Guru


SAMAEL RINPOCHE (or beautiful) Tibetan name for a Teacher or Guru Authenticate


Samael Buddha PRAJNA, Mister of the discernment, SAMAEL SHES-RA for that it possesses the knowledge Jana higher


Samael TATHAGATA the Buddha that has reached the entirety "The Hole Illuminator."


SAMAEL TATAS; S. TATHATA. T. DE.-BZHINNID, the Buddha that teaches the essence of all the things.


Samael BUDDHA BAIROCHANA; S-VAIROCANA the one that comes from the Absolute sun.


SAMAEL T.MAM-PARSNANG - MDSAD, the one that has made apparent the JANA or Gnosis.


SAMAEL THE BUDDHA HINAYANA for that he knows and he teach the four noble truths for the final liberation.


SAMAEL THE BUDDHA VAJRADHARA; TIRDO. RJE CHANG, Deva that personifies to the primordial aspect of the DHARAKAYA and the essence of the THREE KAYAS.


ZAMAEL DARMAPALA, teacher of the force that works day and night with the DHARMAPALAS of the Lodge White from the Tibet, to retire to the Sinister communist hordes of the Tibet and to restore the Supreme Dalai Lama in his Throne.