They will unite in vibrant harmony the bachelors and the Single:


        The Imagination.

        The will.

        The Breathing.

        The Mantrams.


To realize the following system of Transmutation of their Sexual Forces that in fact prepares them for when they get married. And they can realize, with their spouse, exactly the same transmutation technique or Sahaja-Maithuna without Seminal ejaculation.


During a daily hour in the morning, to the dawn, when the Sun is born, or looking at the east in the room. In asana of Lotus or seated with the crossed legs on a mat, or seated comfortably on an armchair.


In perfect concentration, it will begin the ascetic-J�ana to absorb with steel will, the energy sexual lot of their gland sexual right, and the sexual lunar energy of their left gland driving made it the Tribeni (Bases of the Coccyx) of there made inside the channel of Brahamanandi.


Driving the sexual energy with great imagination for all their vertebral marrow, Brahamanandi until the brain, and then to the brow, they cover themselves the two nasal graves with the fingers of the right hand to contain in their lungs the Air. And continuous, taking the electro-sexual energy made the neck and lastly it is deposited in the Chalice of the Heart in the Chakra Anahata.


Immediately the Mantram "I" is intoned directing the sharp sound of this vowel to the Buddhata, inside the heart (IIII.IIII.IIII.) until exhaling until the finish encouragement.


To restart the same process and to sing the mantram "A" (AAAA.AAAA.AAAA.)


And when finishing, realize the same technique to sing the mantram "O" (OOOO.OOOO.OOOO.). This Practical can begin with 15 minutes, until achieving minimum a daily hour. Without stopping it to make only one day.


The Women, don't has to realize the practice being in their period (Lunar or Menstruation) because their organism is in purification process.


Several Mantrams exists to Transmute as single or married, in "The Books of the Buddha White from West Samael."


This way the bachelors and single, they don't suffer of the sexual longing, of the lustful desire that eats the Buddhata or Alma.


The Bachelors should, to channel their sexual energy, in the good music, the arts, the painting and above all taking to the practice the eight virtues for our Dear Buddha Siddhartha.