SANAT KUMARA, the Old man of the Days and gentleman of the world, were the founder of the "SCHOOL OF INITIATE, of the GREAT WHITE UNIVERSAL FRATERNITY, This great BEING is one of the 4 Thrones that he speaks the SACRED BIBLE.


He lives in the Asia for many millions of Years, with the same physical body that he brought to the earth from the time of the Lemuria.


On him he has not been able to the death neither he will never be able to, because it is son of the Resurrection and envelope any son of the Resurrection the death he has to be able to Sanat Kumara he is a God and an Immortal Man.


When the Internal Teacher, of knees on the Sacred Altar of the Third bigger INITIATION of Mysteries, receives his INITIATION, then on the Sacred Altar, and as if descends of the infinite blue, radiant SANAT RUMAR� appears in whose name all the INITIATIONS are received.


It is indescribable the sublime presence of this Old man of the Days. Their gray-headed hair falls on its shoulders, and it seems never not to have been played by edge of shears. Their white beard and their majestic face reveal us the semblance of God.


SANAT KUMAR�, with its semi-nude body and its stick in the hand, seems an Adamita. SANAT KUMARA is the result of millennial purifications.


The Buddha Maitreya Samael explains to us its process about the Ascension Christ:


All these symbolic processes of the ascension concluded to the forty days. The final ceremony was realized in the Causal world; that then I felt and I saw, it was certainly extraordinary. The Great Initiator was SANAT KUMARA, the founder of the Great College of Initiate of the Venerable White Lodge. In the Altar, with the cane of seven knots in their potent one skillful, that Great one to be glowed terribly divine.


SANAT KUMARA, the Great Hierophant, awaited me austere in its regal throne; I entered with deep adoration inside the sacred enclosure.� Before this Great one Immolated, as H.P.B. she usually calls him, my Divine Mother KUNDALINI with infinite love put on my head the yellow mantel of the BUDDHAS and the extraordinary diadem in which the Eye of SHIVA glows:� This is my Very Dear Son! My Mother exclaimed and then she added "Is a BUDDHA."


THE OLD MAN OF THE DAYS SANAT KUMARA, the illustrious founder of the Great school of Initiate of the White Lodge in the Planet Earth put in my hands the symbol of the imperator. (The sphere with the cross above). In those instants chords angelic, regal symphonies were listened based on the rhythms of the MAHAVAN and of the CHOTAVAN that sustain to the firm universe in their march.


Today in our times when the pupils receive the grade of Buda�s, the blessed Goddess mother of the world presents them in the temple of the mind saying:


There is my very dear son here, there is a new Buddha here; she puts then on their son the diadem of Shiva and the mantel of the Buda�s; Kumara exclaims then:� You have liberated "yourselves of the 4 sin bodies and you have penetrated in the world of the God, you are a Buddha, when the man is liberated of the 4 sin bodies it is a Buddha, you are a Buddha"; and he gives him the globe of the Imperator with his cross above.


Sanat Kumara lives at the moment with the same body that had in Lemuria, he makes 18.000.000 of years;� the big teachers of the guardian wall that protect the humanity, live with the same bodies that had they makes millions of years;� The teachers Kout Humi, Morya and many others conserve their bodies of ago thousands of years, the death has not power to conquer them, and they have been avoided this way the danger of the reincarnations, when falling the exposed Bodhisattvas to the environment, to the temptations, to the inheritance, etc., alone those of steel will never fall.


The elixir of long life is really an ace white, powerful electro positive and electro negative.


When the initiate one requests the elixir of long life, Kumara enters in the temple of Sanat which reads to the initiate one all the conditions and sacred requirements, Sanat Kumara is the founder of the school of initiate of the White Lodge, he lives in an oasis of the desert of Gobi, with other initiate lemurs, all conserve the same body for more than 18'000.000 of years;� Kumara congratulates to the initiate one saying him:� you are an immolated more in the altar of the great sacrifice, then it blesses to the initiate one.


Old traditions say that the Teacher Sanat Kumara, founder of the Great College of Initiate of the Great Lodge White, wine of Venus with their physical body.


It is very opportune to remember that the Teacher Founder of the Lodge White in our Planet Earth was in fact a well-known THRONE with the name of SANAT KUMMARA. This man lives in an OASIS of the desert of Gobi, it is of an undecipherable age, his name mentions it very old religious writings.


When a Bodhisattva gives up the Nirvana for love to the humanity, it is considered honored three times and after many eternities and of won Nirvanas and lost by love to all the creatures, finally the right is won of entering in a World of Super Nirvanic happiness.


This wonderful BEING is the Teacher of the Teachers of the Great WHITE LODGE, SANAT KUMARA, the founder of the College of Initiate of the Universal Fraternity Blanca.


This is one of the Four Thrones that speaks the BIBLE.


This Great one to Be, it descended to our earth at the beginning of the time Lemur, before the separation in sexes, to found the College of INITIATE of the Great Hierarchy, and it is embodied in physical body from that distant past, without the death has any power on him. He lives in the Asia.


SANAT KUMARA dressed of ceremony surrenders the sacred symbol of the Mercury. - You are an Imperator of the mind; you are an ARHAT of the thought -.


Now your mind burns burningly among crackling of these Universal flames.


- Now your mind glows among the IGNEOUS ROSE of the Universe -.



You have liberated of the illusion of the separation. You are THAT... THAT... THAT...


You live in all the hearts, you see through all the eyes, you hear through all the hearings, because you are THAT... THAT... THAT...


Now you will be able to exclaim:� I AM ATMAN! THE INEFABLE.


I am the one that am, the one that has been always, and the one that I will always be.


The whole starry infinite is my body... The whole Universe is my personality and by that I express me.


With force and with being able to through my ARHAT...


I cry in the boy, song in the bird, I flourish in my pomegranate trees...

Now you should understand my brother, the personality inside the impersonality.

Now you should understand, I mate my that the illusion of the separation is a heresy and that the selfish personality of those that only want to be them and anything but, it is the worst in the heresies.


SANAT KUMARA, the Old man of the Days, awaits you in his throne...

Their majestic voice resonates as army voice...


The Goddess Mother of the World puts on your head the sacred mantel of the Buda�s, and the diadem with the one eye of Shiva.


It glows in your brow the Eye of Dagma and SANAT KUMARA exclaims:� You are "a Buddha You have liberated of the four sin bodies, you are an inhabitant of the world of the gods... YOU ARE UN



The Old man of the Days surrenders the tunic of the Buddha... Receive it I mate my...


Of your mental body it leaves in these moments a beautiful boy full with beauty, it is the psychic extract of the mental body; he is your Mind-Christ...


This beautiful creature fuses now totally with your divine eternal TRIAD...

The Mind-Christ was formed in your mental body...

The Mind-Christ is pure transmuted semen...

The Mind-Christ is the result of the sexual magic.


SANAT KUMARA offers a new throne...

All the siblings of the temple are happy, all are happy with the new Buddha, all hug you and

They kiss you with sacred kiss. The party is immense...


The Goddess Mother of the World has given birth to a new Buddha in the world of the gods.

Now it glows with immaculate beauty among this IGNEOUS ROSE of the nature.

He Flows he has fused with the ATMA-BUDDHI-FLOW, in the headquarters of pure Brahma, where

The sacred wisdom of the BODDHIDHARMA only glows.


Neshaniah:� That there is of Soul put before among the principles mentioned it is subjected to very difficult tests. When the Initiate one triumphs it ascends later to the Causal World to interview with Sanat Kumara, a Venerable Old man named in very old religions and that it is one of the Four Thrones of those that speaks the Bible, three they left and it was one alone, he seizes Aaron's Stick, the Reyes' Scepter, it is ineffable, he has relationship with Sattva, Cracks and Tamas, the Three Gunas in balance. Sanat Kumara gives the Occult Initiation of the Body Astral Lot.


The Great Teacher Sanat Kumara, founder of the College of Initiate of the Lodge White, lives in an oasis of the desert of Gobi, her body is not of the Earth, he came in a cosmic ship in the time of to Lemuria, wine of Venus, is one of the Four Shadai, one of the four Thrones of the Kumaras. He is working, helping to all those that are in the Road, he helps intensely, Lemur lives together with a Guru. They mention it very old writings. They call it the "Great one Immolated" now it is Immortal.


This Elixir of Long Life is an electric metaphysical substance, when somebody receives it it is deposited in the Vital Body Who receives this elixir; is entitled to live 1.000 years, but it can lengthen this time, this way Sanat Kumara already has living three million years. For this Elixir the transmutation of the Sacred Fire is needed.


Sanat Kumara having already passed beyond all necessity of living in this world, he has stayed in this world to help those that go for the rocky path that leads to the final liberation. Sanat Kumara is somebody that can dive totally in the Great Light's Ocean, but it has given up all happiness to stay here with us, and it is with us, for Love to us.