Manyushri, the Buddha that represents the wisdom of all the Buddha�s, said that to manifest it as a Bodhisattva to teach to the beings feeling�s.


Yhe Tsongkhapa was born as a great Bodhisattva and as the manifestation of Manyushri, the Buddha of the wisdom, and of Yamantaka (the angry aspect of Manyushri),


Their birthplace was Tsong Kha (the valley of the onions) to the east of the Tibet, in the county of Amdo. In the place of their birth, starting from a drop of blood that he fell from their umbilical cord, a wooden white tree of sandalwood grew with the image of Buddha and whose leaves had the form of roars lions, Other leaves had form the mantra of Manyushri OM AH RAFA TSA NA DHI.


This was considered how the sign of the birth of a great Bodhisattva or to be illuminated. A called monastery Ku Bum was built in that place and nowadays that beautiful tree can be appreciated.


To the age of three he received the votes directly from the fourth Karmapa, Rolpey Doryhe and the well-known Kunga as Nyingpo. To the age of seven he received novice's teacher votes, Ch Dhondup Rinchen, and it fixes him given the name of Lobsang Drakpa.


Even to this age so early he speaks received many teachings and the initiations of Heruka, of Yamantaka and of Nevalira, and it could recite the texts by heart, among them the expression of the names of Manyushri. it was able to perceive deities like Vayrapani directly, Manyushri, Avalokiteshvara and numerous Buddha�s and Bodhisattvas more. It also perceived the lineage of big teachers like Atisha Asanga, Nagaryuna and he received their teachings every time that he wanted it.


Tsong lick Khapa being still an adolescent, it was already a great meditate. And from their youth he didn't get sick as it happens to us. If he had some small problem him alone he was treated.


Once their Guru Choye Dondrup Rinchen, suggested him to leave to central Tibet to carry out a retirement of love and compassion and this way accent its earth and he left to become a great yogi and erudite.


He received teachings of the Venerable Rendawa and he wrote comments of the teachings of Budha giving explanations of how to meditate in them, showing asylums last thoughts of Budha.


In another occasion he had a vision of Manyushri where he advised him to compose a comment of the text of Atisha "The Lamp of the Road Toward the illumination" that is very concise in their explanation of the stages of the road.


Then, it was in that moment when The Lama Tsongkhapa he wrote the 'Great Exhibition of the Stages dei Road", the 'Lam rim Chen mo.'


In another occasion Manyushri was presented before Tsongkhapa requesting him that stops to teach and that realize an isolated retirement. He retired to a cave in Wolka Cholung during 4 years, accompanied by eight of their nearer pupils.


It is said that it reached he is necessary to realize 3.5 million prostrations; 1.8 millions of offerings of you send it and other purification forms. Tsongkhapa frequently had visions of the deities� meditation and especially of Manyushri, with which he could communicate to solve its questions on the deep aspects of the teachings.


From their birth, Yhe Tsongkhapa was a Being illuminated, the manifestation of Manyushri. It didn't possess negative karma but, just as Atisha their existences were realized as teachings for future beings.


So much stops ordinary beings as for Bodhisattvas; it showed how to practice correctly and to purify negative karma at the same time. He had the taken commitment of the 253 monastic votes, the tantrics and those of Bodhisattva and it always maintained a pure behavior and ethics. Every time that Yhe Tsongkhapa should retire its pupils and they please asked that stays next to them, and he responded them:


I have taught "them the Gradual Road toward the Illumination' that will be my substitution"


Tsongkhapa traveled extensively in the search of the knowledge and he studied with the teachers of all the existent traditions.


He studied with more than a hundred teachers, he practiced extensively and he taught mainly to pupils' thousands in the central regions and of the east of Tibet.


Also, he wrote a lot. Their picked up works, they embrace eighteen volumes, they contain hundred of holding relating to all the aspects of Buddhist teachings and they clarify some of the matters more difficult of the teachings of the sutrayana and of the niantrayana.


Even when The Lama Tsong Khapa it was incredibly famous, he never went to places of distraction; it remained in places isolated in the snowy mountains.


He had pupils' thousands all told the Tibet and permanently he received offerings, but he didn't have a bank bill or of a house; he not even had an earth piece in the one which to cultivate their food. All that received the he gave to the other ones. It remained uncontaminated.


In 1409, it founded the famous Monastery of Ganden the one that was divided in two universities Shartse and Llangtse. Ganden was the monastery of Lama TsongKhapa but he remained there in guest's quality. It visited them, he received things, he gave them and he left without anything. He is the perfect example of as living off agreement with the Dharma.


Two or three years before Lama Tsong Khapa he died, the Budha Manyushri, with who the one Lama maintained a narrow relationship, him say him Already been you time to die. Suddenly, an infinite number of Budhas made its appearance and they requested to the one Lama Tsong Khapa that doesn't die, giving him an initiation of immense energy so that can live for more time. Then Manyushri predicted that him to live her until certain specific age.


Little time ante mortem, to the Lama Tsong Khapa one of their teeth he dropped and all saw that it emitted a jet of light like a rainbow. He gave the tooth to Kedrub Pinpoche, one of their favorite children, but their other pupils said:


'Oh, have you given the tooth to Kedrub Rinpoche, but are we able to also have a piece? The Lama Tsong Khapa he told them that they prayed to achieve it, so Kedrub Yhe put the tooth on the altar. All made many sentences and they meditated largely and of the tooth it continued leaving a rainbow light.


Passing one week, Tsong Lick Khapa he/she said:


"Where is my tooth? Bring it here." When he opened the box, all saw that the tooth had become an image of surrounded Hangup of pills of relics. Tsong lick Khapa he gave some from the pills to the pupils that it also Predicted them that 500 years later this relics would go to Bodhgaya, prediction that has become reality:� although the Chinese destroyed the remains dei body of Tsong Khapa, some of their relics were taken to the India when the Tibetan ones exile.


When the one Lama Tsong Khapa he died, he made it in a perfect way. First it put everything in order.


Then he requested to one of their pupils that brings a kapala (vessel made with a skull).

Then he made the meditation of the internal offer and he took 33 sips of this offer.


This was a sign that he internally was the deity Guyasamaya. Finally he died while it was sat down meditating and with their on habits.


This is what distinguishes a Mahasidha. He didn't have necessity to announce that it was a since Mahasidha its stocks they proved it. Lama Tsong Khapa it demonstrated it to if same. Are you able to imagine dying in form deliberate and in a completely pure state?


When we die we leave fact an entire disaster. Then we should motivate ourselves and to pray to die as he made it Tsong he Lama Tsong Khapa instead of dying as an animal. This is a right that we have all the humans.


Pray so that instead of dying depressed, with a miserable expression, die full with joy. Attempt it. A possibility exists. Intend to yourselves:


"When I die, I will control my emotions as much as it is possible and I will die in peace." Intend it because the motivation has power. When the moment arrives him of dying, thanks to its power of will you will remember its sentence.


If their motivation is not strong at this time, you will arrive to its totally upset end. If ahead of time we know what it is what we must make, or we will remember in the moment of the death.


Tsong khapa finally died to the sixty years of age, in the twentieth fifth day of the tenth Tibetan month, trusting its throne Ganden to Gyeltsab Yhe. It began a tradition that continues until today, the tradition Gelug, inspired in to tradition Kadanpa, been founded by Atisha and that it contains the whole teaching surrendered by Budha the ninety-ninth successor to the throne of Ganden, and this way supreme boss of the Gelugpa, is the Venerable Yeshi Dhondup.


Tradition to which belongs Its Sanctity the Dalai Lama and our venerable one Lama Gendun Yarphal.


In an occasion, dead already Lama Tsong Khapa, Kedrub Yhe was very sad. Tsong Khapa he had explained the whole Path toward the Illumination in exhaustive form, from the beginning until the end, leaving of the Hinayana until arriving to the Paramitayana and the Tantra. Thousands and people's thousands speak meditated on their teachings and they speak reached realizations.


But Kednjb Ye was sad thinking:


"Now the teachings of the Lama Tsong Khapa are as lightning�s, as illusions and they are disappearing. He teaches to the people to not clinging to the desires of the sensory world and however today in day, the people is more attached and they are having more desires than never.'


And Kedrub Yhe had reasons to feel therefore they had much degeneration. It was very grief-stricken and he cried and he cried.


Then he prayed and he offered a mandala. Suddenly the one Lama Tsong Khapa he appeared before him in the form of a youth sat down in a surrounded throne of jewels of deities, dakas and dakinis and he told him:� My son should not be crying.


My main message for the beings is that they practice the one on the way to the tantra. You practice it and then teach it to those who are prepared. Instead of crying you need to try to help to convert this in fact that which will make me very happy."


Five visions appeared when, for different reasons, Kedrub Ye cried and he prayed. We should understand that Tsong Khapa it was a great yogi, a Mahasidha - there is not doubt in this respect - and that Kedrub 'he had such internal realizations that simply calling it, to the one Tsong Khapa he was manifested.


You should also understand that The Teaching main Gnostic of the one Tsong Khapa it was the tantra SUPRASEXUAL or Sahaja Maithuna without Seminal Ejaculation SHAHRA. Even when we live degenerate times, we have the opportunity to listen their form of explaining the path Sexual tantric and of trying to put it into practice;� we are so fortunate, Even when we know few things about the Buddhism, if we practice them, Tsong Khapa he will smile us.


TSONG-KHAPA was the Sublime incarnation of its Deva or God Internal call "THE BUDDHA AMHITHABA" who previously was reincarnated as the BUDDHA SAKYAMURI, Tsong-Khapa was not celibate, it was a man that had its wife, to which I love a lot and with her "Sahaja-Maithuna" worked in the Sexual Magic which I teach secretly from lip had heard its Pupils.






Oh, Glorious and beautiful Guru root!

come, Lodge on your lotus and moon in my heart

Stay me safe in your great kindness;

It remains unalterable until it reaches the state of



You are Avalokitesvara, great treasure of Compassion, without purpose of true existence,

And Manyushri teacher of perfect wisdom, as well as destructive Vayrapan of hordes of

Demons without exception,

Oh TsongKhapa! it crowns bejeweled of the sages of the Nieves' Earth,


Him.Zang Dra gpa, to your feet I makes supplications.

Mig. me Tse. we Ter. chen Chen. re. zig Wang.po Llam.pel.yang

Du.pung Ma. your Llom.dze San g.we.dag

Gan.chen Tzug.gyen

Him. zang Dra Sun. wa deb