The Sacred Order of the Tibet is the absolute possessor and guardian of the Great treasure ARYAVARTA-AZRAN.


This Treasure has been kept secretly by the centuries for the eyes of the Souls of the condition Earth Egoism AHAMKRITA-BHAVA. The Sahaja-Maithuna without Seminal ejaculation, is unfounded to doubt that Beautiful Jewel of the Sacred Order of the Tibet.


The Sahaja-Maithuna �Sexual Magic�, without orgasm without spasm, without seminal ejaculation, is the same Urdhvarata Hindustan the Pradipika of the Yoguines or its Famous Kriya-yoga Supra-sexual.


Called by the sages of the middle Ages, sexual alchemy, in Italy CARETZA or Arcane A.Z.F. the Christian Esenios and Setianos of the Buddha Jesus denominated him "The Charms of the Love of the Day Friday."


The Buddha Samael like Kalki Avatar of Aquarius (Age of the Golden Lotus) this fully authorized by the sacred order of the Tibet, for reveal and to give the Secret Key from the Sahaja-Maithuna to the whole humanity without sex distinction, credo, breed or color.


For that reason the Kalki Avatar Samael, he is surrendering in the five continents, the Buddhist wisdom Hinayana through the Doctrine Gnostic (J�ana) with the unique purpose that those that are sorry enter for the difficult and narrow door that leads to the Light of the Nirvana;� being realize the Sahaja-Maithuna, among Marriages properly incorporated J�anas.


It is of all truth that the Magic Suprasexual, of the Sahaja-Maithuna, is subtly veiled and zealously saved in the Tibetan Buddhism, in the Buddhism Chinese Shan and in the Japanese Zen Buddhism, due to the Great degeneration of the Current human Race.


These three forms of the Buddhism in the bottom, in their roots, are Gnostics (J�anas) a hundred percent and they contain the secret of the Treasure ARYAVARTA-AZRAN of the Sahaja-Maithuna, symbolized by a man or a woman riding on the Loin of the Tiger.


The Tiger in all the Cultures of East and occident allegorizes to the purified fire or the JIVATMAN, to the PURUSHA or Intimate Christ.


The Tiger or Jaguar, are the FOAT Suprasexual that burns in the Man's creative organs and the Woman. To learn how to manage, to drive and to ride on the Loin of the Tiger; he means to practice "Sahaja-Maithuna" without seminal ejaculation to the style Gnostic (J�ana) Buddhist and to annihilate Mara and their psychic attach�s, in the same sexual act.


It is Urgent to understand that in the cultures of the world that have preceded the History like the "PROHIBITIONS", "SATRAS", "UPANISADAS", "BUDDHISTS", "MAYAN", "AZTEC DE MEXICO", "INCA FROM THE PERU", "PERSIAN", "EGYPTIANS" "SYRIAN" ETC.


In last times their societies the Sahaja-Maithuna was practiced.