PAPUS said in its �Elementary Treaty of Hidden Science� that the true ones INITIATE of the east they are the attributed ones to the secret sanctuaries of the BRAHMANISMO, because they are the only ones able to give us the real key of the ARCANE A.Z.F., Sahaja-Maithuna thanks to the knowledge of the primitive language atlantes, WATAN, fundamental root of the Sanskrit one, Hebrew and Chinese.


The Sacred Order of the very old Tibet is certainly the genuine depository of the real treasure of the ARYAVARTA. They say old archaic traditions that get lost in the terrifying night of all the ages that this worshipped institution is composed of 201 members;� the biggest page is formed by 72 Brahmins.


Written it is in the bottom of the centuries and with fire characters that BHAGAV�N ACLAIVA, the great MAHA-RISHI, is the secret regent of the mysterious order. By means of the saint Eight, sign of the infinite, any CHELA, to condition of a direct behavior, it can contact this secret organization.


The Saint Eight traced horizontally, are outside of all doubt an alive CLEPSYDRA. If it is considered the extraordinary formation of this wonderful sign intimately, it is the continuity clearly of oneself line that he closes a double circuit in the first feature while in the second, alone one closes straying in the other one to be projected toward out after cutting the sign in the same point of their central crossing.


One closes and the other thistle. It is, because, this key the required one to open all the doors and to cut all the currents formed by the atomic energy, from which we have imagined and deposited in the bottom of the conscience, until it would originate it, of all, which circulates in the same form, in the vital center of the NINTH SPHERE.


Now then, to save with these resources the risks characteristic of all astral experience and to obtain a SELF-CONSCIOUS and quick exit, it is among other, a reason more than enough so that the Sacred Order of the Tibet can emphasize its:� "ANYTHING RESISTS TO OUR POWER."


In accordance with the previous description the following exercise is insinuated:� 1�.Quietud and mental silence; 2�.Imagine vividly the Saint Eight; 3�.Medite deeply in the Sacred Order of the Tibet; 4�.This sign, it joins or it separates all the elements governed by the atomic energy, if it is traced with the fingers means, index and thumb of the right hand, on the surface of the heart plexus.


Love the saint Eight, worship him, and concentrate deeply on him. This number comes to be this way a clear emblem of HERMES' Mercury philosophical true incarnation, with the one which the INITIATE debit side to work in the TEACHING OF THE FIRE.


Meditate in the sacred sign of the infinite, perfect representation of the alive nexus that connects the divine and material two worlds that it emanates respectively, wisely of the waters of up and of those of under the deep space in the second phase of the creation and that lastly they unite in the internal central focus of the individual conscience, as vehicle, channel and half of expression of the one in the other one. Concentrate deeply on the sacred symbol, in the eight ineffable, in that average double of fire and it dilutes that they intersect wisely in the NINTH SPHERE inside the alive bowels of the earth.


Remember the nobleman it figures alqu�mica of Kidneywort Valentino, radiant variation of the caduceus, Sacred symbol of the Mercury of the sages in which unite the active estates of the SULFUR with the wonderful fecundity producer of the salt, to realize the mystic connubial of two luminaries wisely in three worlds.


That there is depth in your concentration. Meditate in the Sacred Order of the Tibet. Evoke those Eight KABIRES or KABIRIM of the sign of the Infinite; those Eight Siblings; Semitic divinities ineffable�s whose cult and mysteries passed the Greeks later and Roman, being their special center in SAMOTRACIA.


Considered those sacred gods as the children of Efestio or VULCANO and of a beautiful daughter of PROTEO, they appear born of the SACRED FIRE that it is developed and it unwraps inside the interior of the earth. They are then, these Eight Siblings, the rectors of the nature; the generators of the vital phenomena, the regulators of all the fundamental activities of the planetary organism in that we live. Meditate and pray; remain watchful and vigilant as the masthead in time of war and you don't fall in temptation.


That the Saint Eight ineffable and terribly divine will submerges as a beautiful balm inside your suffering heart and that the eight Kabires guides your steps toward the Sacred Order of the Tibet. Thirst, I tell you, ENTIRE, UNITOTALS, RECEPTIVE, one night anyone doesn't care which, you will be called from the temple of the Himalayas. "Request and know he will give you; hit and you will be opened."


Oh Lanu! Tell me:� Are you willing to support the tests? The old sages of the east that seven are the basic, fundamental tests say indispensable for the reception Initiates in the Sacred Order of the Tibet. On the last of these tests the Teacher already spoke to LUXEMIL. Is it maybe very pleasant to experience the terror of the death? But, alone we come this way to understand that the price of the SELF-REALIZATION BECOMES INTIMATE OF THE BEING, it is paid with the own life.


Dismal luck is necessary to contemplate me an igneous rake of that was! I was in the fights; I knew about tests; I hit as others in the doors of the temple. That beauty seduction of the Oriental Temple put a gleam of life to my suffering soul as the ray that colors it puts in the cloud that cries, the rainbow that makes happy.


Sacred image of the temple, burnishes and radiant, it was which shatters wandering or as quick meteor, the ray that he opened in my night a burning furrow of gold. That sanctuary ineffable of the Tibet is the lighthouse and the firebrand, the breath that it airs and the whirlwind that disturbs the calm of the spirit that recreates and the storm that whips. Unfathomable mystery, sweet and strong, severe and serious harmony; God affords me to obtain as funeral lyricism, honor of blood, abyss flower, mourning and glory of the death.


On this black river of the profane existence, the austere and serious truth shines as the silence of the stars above the terrible din of the waves. And I was subjected to unspeakable tests inside those sacred walls, in the ancestral patio of the temple. How many memories! That it folds their wing of gold the afternoon in the hole that they come to mind for well of my readers those occult reminiscences, shinning the stars that tell me secretly many things the night birds!


And in that patio of mysteries, a LADY FOLLOWER after so many and so many awful and terrible tests in great way, taught me sinisterly, the fleshless and horrible figure of the death;� Bony skull among their two crossed long bones...


Allow me to live a little more... I am working for the aching humanity... I will pay all that I owe sacrificing me for the great orphan. Have compassion for me. "If you had been prepared you would die in presence of this figure." This was the answer and then a terrifying silence came.


Me, vile worm of the mud of the earth, of foot next to one of these solemn unbeaten columns of the sanctuary... Oh of me! Oh! Oh!, Tremendous memories came to mind... it was put the Sacred Order of the Tibet inside, but this was not new for me, I remembered that in other times it had been there in that same located place next to the same column veneered. In the patio, around the sacred table, a group of NIRMANAKAYAS was seated... those beings ineffable distilled happiness.


0h God! What tunics so beautiful, paradise vestments that faces so divine! It is obvious that it didn't lack among them some SAMBOGAKAYAS, those which like it is known they have three perfections more than the NIRMANAKAYAS.


Allow me you to say some words... he comes me in these instants to the memory the memory of other times;� already many centuries ago I was located here in this same place and next to this same column. "If you had not been before here. A venerable old man answered me.� You have not hit in the doors of this temple" again. I advanced some steps retiring of the column to be located reverent before the table of the saints;� the old man that had taken the word on behalf of all the elects, stood up to make me some fair recriminations.


What face so majestic, it seemed an alive Christ, in their eyes they were reflected many days and cosmic nights, their beard sacred was an alive representation of the universal verb of life and their immaculate hair falling on their shoulders ineffable reminded us to the old man of the days of the Hebraic Kabala!


He spoke and he said terrible things; he mentioned to a woman that I had known after the submerged of the old containing Atlantes. Do you remember so-and-so?� If venerable Teacher, I remember her; it is evident that I had failed for her in the old times. "Do you remember zutana?�


Yes venerable Teacher, I remember her. Then the alive memory of a Tibetan queen came to mind. In the Central Asia, in the same heart of the Himalayas, to a side of the Tibet a wonderful Kingdom existed he already makes near a million years. The inhabitants of that old country were the result of a mixture ARYAN-ATLAS.


All esoterist knows very well that the first sub-race of our current fifth race root flourished in the Central Asia. I lived in that old country and he knew the one mentioned queen, to that the Teacher remembered in form recriminate.


She came to me when I was priest of the Sacred Order of the Tibet. It suffered the unhappy one and it counted me their tragedies. The king, their husband was in love with another woman and it is natural that the unfortunate queen had fallen in the desperation. I wanted to help her, I made what can for her but I made serious errors.


To assault the other people's mind is a crime and it would be absurd to deny my own errors, I used the powers psyches in evidently negative form and until I made the error of receiving some money. The real treasure paid me the sum, to the queen's expense accounts. The husband abandoned the concubine, king and it reigns they reconciled for well of that country.


Seemingly I made well, but we remember the Teacher's words he DIED:� "Among the cadences of the look he also hides the crime." Clearly it is clear to understand that I fell in the absurdity that I made stupidities and for such a reason in spite of being twice a born I was severely punished. There it was the old man remembering all these things and it is clear that my moral pain was awful in great way.


"Did you welcome yourself made out to order of the GARTER?" If venerable Teacher, I welcomed myself to her, it was my answer. How to deny it? The look of that old sacred passed over my heart, impossible to hide in the face of the divinity. I remembered that old personality that I had in the old Rome then.


I was trusted the mission of establishing a strong scenario for the fourth, sub-race of this fifth race root and then I used the human personality, of Julio Caesar. I formed the Great Roman Empire, I beat myself as a lion in the Galias and everybody knows that I was murdered by Bruto, the traitor.


Not taenia necessity of welcoming me made out to order of the GARTER, the secret laws of the Great Universal Life anyway would have helped me without necessity of the one mentioned, Roman institution. After these recriminations I felt embarrassed with myself, grieved and with the heart suffering.


A disguised LADY-FOLLOWER, with ritual executioner's suit, it advanced resolutely toward me with the sacred whip seized in their right, immediately I understood that it should go by the evangelical lashing. I walked heading for the interior of the temple, slowly... along that patio surrounded vetust of archaic walls. Die! Die! Die! The LADY exclaimed on time that I whipped me truly with the sacred whip.


Yes, that is what I want, to die, to die, to die, whip me more strongly;� and those lashes instead of taking place in my that awful pain of the torture entered me as if they were electric rays, benefiting, because it felt in my interior that those entities that constitute the ME PLURALIZADO, was depressed of death.


Written it is that HORUS (ABRUS) it should conquer and to destroy the demons of SETH (Satan or Mara) so that the soul resuscitates in the heart of OSIRIS (The Christ)


It is evident, certain, pathetic that after having returned to the birth second, he needed to die in itself, here and now. This is not the ordinary death of the profanities of the life that infuses so great terror to the vulgar beings. To those crowds that populate the face of the earth.


Certainly this it is the death initiate OR PHILOSOPHICAL of the TEACHERS to which made indexes Giordano Bruno writing Coloro Che Filosofano Dirittamente Intendono to I will die.


This is the death of SETH the Egyptian Demon or Tibetan Mara, the SAME ME, the IF SAME, so adored, for many mistaken sincere.


They have already spent many years of my life and I have never been able to forget this cosmic event happened in the heart of the Himalayas.


Today I am dead, I worked intensely with the help of my sacred snake, and the red demons have been defeated. "Mara has been annihilated."


Big it was the fight but I achieved the death INITIATE. The road is but I make bitter that the bile. Many are the calls and few the chosen ones. The path of the life is formed with the prints of the helmets of the horse of the death. I needed to dissolve the EGO, to die, if, and now talk because...