The Sacred Order of the Tibet is an organization Gnostic or J�ana, formed by the God or Sacred Devas of the Planet Earth; that they inhabit all the Dimensions, skies or regions of the Nirvana.


All the Hierarchies Divinable, celestial, "The indo-Tibetan PRAJAPATIS" or Hebrew HELOHIN; they are the Same Greek, Roman, Persian-Vedas God and of all the religious cultures of the World that have preceded to our History of the Human Race.


Unquestionably these Fathers Mothers, of all the Buda�s, are the same angels archangels, Thrones, Exaltations, Virtues, Dominances, of the Christianity Esenio, taught by the Buddha Jesus the Christ.


The Sacred Order of the Tibet, has in if same 201 members BRAHAMANES in its entirety and the page bigger than its government this formed by 72 BRAHAMANES or Teachers (GURUS) of the Lodge White.


The Lodge White is the Light�s Lodge. The Boss GURU-GOD or Supreme DEVA of this Sacred Order of the Tibet, are the Great Buddha known with the name of "BHAGAVAN ACLAIVA" who is the highest Guru, more exalted of this order.


ZOROCOTORA MELCHIZEDEK, named in the old Hebrew testament and in the recurrent Book "The Pistis Sophia" (POWDER-WISDOM) that are the volumes of the Salvador OF "The Buddha Jesus", and the Buddha Samael; says textually that ZOROCOTORA, is the King or Regent of the Planet Earth, the Great Receiver and Originator of the Light and that he lives with its Physical body for millions of Years in company of the called Buda�s "GOROS" The gentlemen of the Life and of the Death."


It is necessary to understand that the Sanctuary and Temple bigger than the Church Gnostic of the Superior Worlds, "THE KING OF THE WORLD" exists in the Temple Heart of Zorocotora called in the Hindustan "CHANGAN."


They are Millions the Followers of the Lodge Blanca that they live and they exist in the different Dimensions of this great Planetary Mass, all work under the Ranks of the Lodge White from the Tibet. Later on we will mention "SANAT-KUMARA" "TSONG-KAPA" and "MILAREPA."


The Sacred Monastery and the city, of the Sacred Order of the Tibet, they illuminate with their splendors of light, the World, and it is located in the Call Valley of Amitaba; where the three-dimensional Physical view cannot see it, that is to say, "In the Fourth Dimension" or coordinate of great nature is.


They are Millions of Temples, Sanctuaries ASHRAN, cities of gold and Light in those that live and they officiate the Liturgy of the Church Gnostic, The Teachers of the White Lodge.


Let us wake up Our Buddhata and let us embody the Intimate Buddha, with their Roots of Light, to deserve to be active Members of the White Lodge of the Planet Earth.


The Sacred Order of the Tibet, is genuine possessor of the Great Treasure ARYAVARTA-AZRHAN or Sahaja Maithuna without seminal ejaculation (SHAHRA) and with annihilation of Mara and its psychic attach�s (SKHANDA)