To capture the deep meaning regret and annihilation of the Mara the understanding it is not everything, we need with urgency maximum and urgent, to capture the deep significance of those that we have understood.


Any Chela of the real road can have the luxury of understanding a psychological defect (Skandha) in all the territories of the mind, without achieved:� the "apprehension of their deep meaning."


Becoming enemies of if same, trying to understand our defects, in all the turns of the mind, it is impostergable.


Each defect should be studied for separate and in very orderly form.


We should never make the error of wanting to hunt ten hares at the same time for that expose ourselves obviously that to the failure.


"The meditation for the Mara's death ", it should be deep, when it becomes exact, when we are about to faint, we should leave the mind in white, in silence, awaiting some revelation:� this way the truth comes and we can capture that is not of the time "the deep meaning of the defect, understood in form it integrates."


Then we pray, we beg, with vehemence to our mother divine Kundalini, eliminate of our mind, the psychic attach�, the psychological defect in question.


With this didactics, with this "Modus Operandi", we can and we should eliminate those elements "infra - human subjective that we take inside and they constitute the ego, the �I�.


It is incongruous to appeal to Devi Kundalini, so that it eliminates a �I�, when this not really understood.


It becomes urgent to appeal to the beautiful virtue of the creative understanding of the being or Buddha intimate", of the third logos-Shiva, if it is that we really want to understand each one for separated from our defects.


The precious stone of the creative understanding that underlies stuffed, eclipsed,� pluralized, inside the psychological robe of a varied and versatile Me�s group, troublemakers and screamers. It is necessary to rescue her of the abyss in that is, for can work radical and very seriously, on the I�s that we load inside and this way to be able to understand them.


Three percent of creative understanding should and it can appeal with humility and devotion to the creative understanding of Devi Kundalini, of the third logoses of the Christ, for can begin, the process of understanding of the yoes that they are subjected to the technique of the meditation of the death of the Me.


The three glasses, the three increase eyeglasses or the three precious stones of:� the imagination, the inspiration and intuition, of three percent of our reconciled essence, amalgamated, integrated, the "Being's entirety or Buddha intimate", it is the vehicle, immediate system and practice to arrive to the understanding of our defects.


As we go dying in if same, as we achieve a progressive and continuous emancipate of the conscience, the process of the understanding will be made more shone, more deep, more perfect.


This understanding obviously will come from the work of the meditation of the death of the �I� and not otherwise.


Of the same meditation of the death of the �I� the capture of the deep meaning of the �I� will come; that we have understood.


It will bring to an agreement our essence or conditioned Buddhata the sublime regret, the deep pain, the anguish of having sinned, transgressed the law, to have betrayed our being, to have hurt our body, etc., etc.


With the deep regret, we are in the correct posture to invoke our gentleman the Christ intimate and to our Mother Divine Tonantzin, so that through them, be invoked our father �Jeu", so that he sent their angels and invoke the policeman of the karma, to capture to the �I�.


And they extract it from the center to which belongs and they present it before Anubis and the 42 judges of the law ", to realize him the corresponding trial.


We will recognize before "Anubis" and the 42 judges of the Karma and before our Mother Kundalini - Shiva - Vishnu and Brahma that we have sinned seriously, for our blame, conscious or unconsciously.


We will recognize that are the cause of these creation, abominable and dark, that we gave him form, it figures and it forces the Mara that conditions us that we are responsible for our own AHAMKRITA-BHAVA, but that now sorry, revolutionized we want the death of the �I�.


Let us beg to Our Mr. the Intimate Buddha and our mother Kundalini carry out the respective business with the law.


The trial and business with the divine law, alone the Christ and our mother Kundalini, they can make, to rotate the Sphere of the destination and the Sphere or disk of the lion of the law and to place it to our favor, so that the dirty spirit stops to sin, through the esoteric business, so that our essence becomes emancipated, it is liberated of the Mara, of the useless vestment that conditions it.