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The Guru Samael Aun Weor tells us that would be inconceivable the elimination of the diverse inhuman elements that we load in our interior, radically, THE INTRINSIC CAUSES of our psychological defects. Those intrinsic causes, personify the “I” psychological.


Siblings of the Jñana, it is not enough, to capture a defined defect, to discern on him, to observe them in their different manifestations and then to request the death from the defect to the divine Mother IF PREVIOUSLY we have not UNDERSTOOD THE MARA CAUSES and their intrinsic cause of their complex manifestation.


To know a human robot in their entirety is not enough; it is necessary to know and to understand the intelligence that believe it, and the deep cause that motivate to this negative intelligence to the creation.


The V. M Samael Aun Weor, comments:  "Alone by means of the two defined aspects that we will mention, we will can give ourselves the happiness of achieving the disintegration of all those causal elements that in an and another form, they can behave to the definitive elimination of the undesirable elements and the cause that personify those errors."







The MARAS CAUSES usually has terrifyingly complexities difficult, and alone the intimate Christ "The Purusha", based on conscious works and voluntary sufferings can eliminate the causes of our errors.


The solar conscience integrated with the Christ or Buddha Becomes intimate, the absolute understanding, the most sincere regret and the serious business with the gentlemen of the law, are the definitive step to request the elimination of the causal I’s then. In the causal world the intimate Christ goes by all the tortures and bitterness of his viacrucis.


Keeping in mind this work of the intimate Buddha, and whereas clause that our psychological ego has been created with not well used sexual energy. Alone appealing to the Buddha consciously of each one and to our divine Mother Kundalini, requesting them that they seize the lance of Shiva, Eros, we can die, to annihilate for the moment in moment. The group of psychic attachés (Skandha) that form the ego, they have causal roots, and these, has their origin in the psychological feature.


Each psychological facet, each “I”, each element infrahuman with conditional essence, they have their own origin. Causal root emanated of the feature.


The Buddha Samael explains to us that the MARAS CAUSES is tied to the laws of cause effect. Cause cannot exist without effect, neither groundless effect, this is irrefutable. The unique origin of the cause and effect find it in the “I” psychological.


Obviously the ME’s causes, has intimately associated to certain karmic debts.


Each defined manifestation of the ego, through anyone of the five cylinders of the machine human, has their cause causorum in the “I” psychological.


Each disastrous performance of one of so many elements infrahuman that load in our interior will create new negative defects, and these in turn, other causes that will bring new defects and so forth, linking them to the law of the destination, to the karma;  making us the tragic and painful life in one hundred percent.


Keeping in mind that they are thousands the psychic attachés, the logical one that thousands are the causes that stimulate them to show which the cause will be?, which will the wicked intelligence that moves them to exist be? And which will the dark center of gravity of those causal elements be? Undoubtedly the “I” psychological. The most critical in this question, is that each one of us, in our interior, we load the “I” psychological.




Without understanding it cannot have elimination. To understand it is necessary to subject the Maha-Asuar to the MEDITATION FOR THE BUDDHIST ANNIHILATION, to capture the intimate sense of their manifestation, to be sorry, to prosecute him and for finish to request their elimination.


To sit down him in the stool of the accused and through the law of the opposed ones, of the ends, meditating deeply in the “I”, to make him see Him same all the errors, suffering, bitterness, problems, etc. that we have made because of him in all our existence; until knowing totally and to also meditate in their opposed one What it would be of our life if this defect has been eliminated, if it didn't exist?


What would virtues parts of the being show leave? And this way with the being's evident reflection in this trial, analyzing the two ends will arrive to the center, to the understanding.