Explains to us the Buddha Samael in their Book the Three Mountains:


After the Weddings Alchemists with that woman ineffable that is called GINEBRA, the Queen of the "JINAS", I was necessary then confront the Dragon of the Darkness valorously.


I already said in my last chapter that the delicious Walkiria, always demands of its adorable gentleman, all gender of unheard prodigies, of value and sacrifice.


Among the burning fire of the Universe, certainly exceptions don't exist:� Until the LADY-FOLLOWERS they should fight in many battles which epic amazons, when they really yearn to espouse with the well-Lover (THE BUDDHI).


I thought that after the Weddings Alchemists with my adored, would enter of full in a paradisiacal honeymoon, neither far I suspected that among the submerged dens of the Subconscious one, the left and dark Mara, the father of the three classic Furies hid.


Gigantic monster of seven heads infrahuman, personifying bitterly to the seven sins capitals...


Group of Psychological attach�s personifying Mara harrowing monster of the abyss inside which a good percentage of my conscience was bottled.


When writing these lines we cannot stop to remember that Apocalyptic verse that says textually:� "And it was thrown the Great Dragon outside, the old snake that is called devil and Satan, the which deceives to the whole world;� it was heady to the earth, and their angels (the I�s that constitute the Ego), they were heady with him."


If Miguel Archangel and did their luminous angels of the Divine Luz liberate heroic battles against the Dragon, why would I in fact have of being an exception to the general rule?


Be worth me God and Santa Maria! Because until the same Buddha Siddhartha Gautama has must liberate awful wars against the harrowing Dragon MARA and their three dirty Furies.


It is not of more to transcribe here in opportune form, certain verse of the gospel Buddhist that says to the letter:


"MARA (The Dragon of the darkness) uttered the threats that inspire the terror, and it raised such a hurricane that the skies were darkened and the sea roared and it palpitated.


But under the tree of Buddhi (the Fig symbol of the sex), the Blessed one remained calm without fearing anything. The illuminated one knew that no wrong could happen him."


Ah! If the Follower can exclaim:� "I am not the Dragon...", if can say:� "That monster anything has to do with me...�


But, it is written clearly in the book of all the enigmas that MARA is the SAME ME, the I SAME, in her states of deeper infra-conscience.


Zeus from the Olympus, governs the world, and many times make the God what is not expected and what is awaited doesn't happen, and the sky gives to the business human not thought end. It has happened this way now.


Fight against the Dragon after the Wedding? What surprise my God! I miss it is what happens to me...


Easy it is to descend to the WORLD-HELLS OR AVITCHI OR PATALA; but it is not it so much to return. There the hard work is! There the difficult test!


Some sublime heroes, few truly, they have achieved the victorious return. Impenetrable forests separate to the hell of the world of the light; and the waters of the pale river, the Cocito, they trace labyrinthine folds in that dimness whose single image shivers.


And the great beast roared terrifyingly as when a lion roars and the powers of the darkness shivered of horror.


When in the immense forest Silano, in the splendid shade of the Taburno, two bulls of sharp horns run infuriated one against another to fight, the humble frightened shepherds retire and like it is hardly natural, the whole flock is there immobile and unmoved of terror.


They with all their forces go being filled of terrible wounded and with all their weight their sharp horns collapse in the meat; their necks and backs flow red blood purpurin and the whole forest deep shiver with their bellows.


Equally the Dragon of the darkness and my longing soul, they ran one against the other one being protected with their shields and the abyss filled with roar.


Jupiter the venerable Father of the Divine ones and of the humans, he has in balance, contemplating the hard one struggles, the two wonderful plates of their cosmic scale, and it deposes on each one of them the destinations of the two combatants. Which will it succumb? In what does it leave it will be the death? The perfidious Mara feels invulnerable in his audacity. The hope and the excess of hate shake him.


The monster seizes with his sinister hand the terrible lance of Longibus; three times he tries to hurt me in vain; desperate he hurtles against me the Horn Santa; I avoid the blow of the hard pike; my Divine Mother intervenes in those precise instants Kundalini; she takes possession of the singular relic and with it hurts deadly to the abominable monster of the hell.


The Red Dragon (Mara) it loses their gigantic stature little by little, he dwarfs terrifyingly, he decreases to a mathematical point and it disappears forever in the dark hole... Terrible they are the secrets of the old abyss, somber ocean and without limits, where the first-born night and the Chaos, grandparents of the nature, maintain a perpetual anarchy amid the rumor of eternal wars, being sustained with the aid of the confusion.


The heat, the cold, the humidity, the drought, four terrible champions, are disputed the superiority there and they drive to the combat their embryos of atoms that, grouping in lathe of the emblem of their legions and gathered in their different tribes, armed slight or heavily, sharp, rounded, rapids or slow, they tingle as countless as the sands of the Boat or those of the burning beach of Cirene, crawled to participate in the fight of the winds and to serve from ballast to their speedy wings.


The atom to who bigger number of atoms adheres to dominates for a moment. The Chaos governs as referee, and its decisions come to increase more and more the disorder, grace to which reigns; after him, it is ostensible that in those regions submerged sub-lunar the maybe directs everything.


Before that wild abyss, cradle and sepulcher of the nature, before that hole that is not sea neither earth, neither air, neither fire, but rather it is formed of all those elements that, confusedly mixed in their fertile causes, they should always combat in the same way, unless the creative LOGOSES have their material blacks to form new worlds, before that terrible T�rtarus, the harrowing abysmal monster exhaled its last encouragement.


Easy it is to descend to the Worlds Hells (Avitchi), but it is not it so much to return. There the hard work" the difficult test there! Some sublime, few heroes truly have achieved the Victorious Return. Impenetrable forests separate to the hell of the Light's world and the waters of the pale River, the Cocito; they trace labyrinthine folds in that dimness whose single image shivers.