10 thousand stars, dressed up with forms of Mara.

10 thousand dressed granulations of light of ghosts of the abyss.

10 thousand lights of the abyss buried in animal bodies.


10 thousand of particles of light buried in 10 thousand black bottles of the hell

10 thousand conditional fragments of essence for 10 thousand harrowing monsters


10 thousand dressed up conscientious fragments of harrowing ghosts to the service of the black lodge.


10 thousand immortal sparks prisoners in 10 thousand dark prisons, colds, harrowing.

10 thousand infernal furies to the battle against the Christ that the Buddha or Jivatma.

10 thousand particles Buddhics, dressed with forms of the hell sinning unceasingly.


10 thousand divine geniuses buried in 10 thousand black lamps, to the service of the followers of the left.


10 thousand Surianos, enemies of our Divine Mother Koatlikue "Terror of love and law."

10 thousand Surianos, (Mara�s in the Aztec culture of Mexico) perverse that the Divine snake of the earth has to annihilate, with her son Sun god, The Intimate Christ.


10 thousand Coyolxauquis, enemies of the Christ Intimate Sungod that it is necessary to behead, to reduce, to quarter and to disintegrate.


10 thousand truths that have to spring from the darkness to the light.


10 thousand loose catesis (Condition Selfish) without control some, they will take our soul to the submerged involution.


10 thousand perverse marionettes of the hell, they will take us to the Aztec Mixtlan, Avitchi or Hindustan, if we don't annihilate them.


10 thousand entities perverse, to Mara's service "Horror for our Buddhata"


10 thousand infra-lunar minds, cold and disgusting, sinning unceasingly, sinning to pantry of our Buddhata or Soul.


10 thousand different desires inhabiting the suit of desires (Uste-usthi) to the service of the black lodge.


10 thousand ghastly spectra strolling in the interior cemetery, causing terror to our conscience, Buddhic.


10 thousand dark impressions in the mind to the service of the wickedness.


10 thousand symbols of the hell controlling the four sin bodies.

10 thousand Philistine Christian Mara�s that should be annihilated by the interior Sanson.

10 thousand poisonous snakes of the Avitchi, distilling filthiness on our Buddhata prisoner.


10 thousand snakes of the abyss, inhabiting the psychological space of the five centers.

10 thousand fragments of the spirit to the service of the forces of the wrong.

10 thousand black warriors against the being's different parts.


10 thousand armed left and perverse soldiers with sinister powers conditioning our soul.

10 thousand fragments of love buried and conditioned to sin unceasingly.

10 thousand perverse Mara�s that fight to death for the supremacy of our soul and our body.


10 thousand fragments of our superlative conscience, to those that we should analyze their psychological condition.


10 thousand particles of light that we should rescue, of the 10 thousand graves of the interior cemetery.


10 thousand particles Christics that should be saved by the savior bran.

10 thousand infrahuman, monsters that should be annihilated in the forge of Volcano, to liberate 10 thousand particles of light.


10 thousand vestments of the abyss with harrowing forms that has to be annihilated by The Intimate Christ.


10 thousand perverse Papapurusha to which we have to apply them The Meditation for the annihilation of Mara.


10 thousand larva�s that should be annihilated after having understood.


10 thousand entities of the abyss, enemies of the eternal alive God, to the battle against our soul, for can continue being perpetuated of existence in existence.


10 thousand dirty pigs with their greed sinning unceasingly, eating filthiness to pantry of our soul and of the vital energy of our body.


10 thousand powerful dark forces of the interior abyss, fighting against The Intimate Christ and the Being's different parts.


10 thousand particles of Buddhata that clamor to the light divine pardon.

10 thousand fragments of Pistis Sophia that implores pardon from the silt of the abyss.


10 thousand particles of Pistis Sophia, strolling in the darkness of their AHAMKRITABAVHA, each one has to establish the interior rebellion.


10 thousand interior rebellions against 10 thousand added psychics that condition us.


10 thousand essences that sing commendations and mercy to the light, begging is forgiven by their transgression to the Law.


10 thousand flashes of light that request to the Christ and the Divine Mother liberate them, by means of the annihilation of their own AHAMKRITABHAVA.


10 thousand fragments of the seminal pearl that yearn to be integrated in a single pearl of light.


10 thousand fragments of Pistis Sophia that aspires to be integrated in a single light, in a single conscientious permanent center.


10 thousand lights of Pistis Sophia (Or Soul in the Culture Esenios) that by means of the total death of their Selfish Condition, they work in the Sexual Magic to create the solar bodies for be integrated then with The Christ.


Pistis Sophia fractioned in 10 thousand parts, clamors to the light pardon; singing commendations when reciting the thirteen regrets and in their thirteen interpretations.


Pistis Sophia subjects the 10 thousand devils that condition it, after being meditated, one to one to the forge of Volcano, for its decapitation through the Christ and the Divine Mother.


10 thousand times Pistis Sophia is recognized sorry, sinner, when is taken to the throne of Anubis, for the trial, and the respective business with the Law, through the Intimate Christ.


Siblings J�ana of the world without distinction of institutional religions, patterns and conditions, are 10 thousand of Mara�s that we should annihilate.


Will we be applying him correctly the entirety of the Buddhist annihilation, to each one of them?


How many Mara�s eliminating daily? Five or ten would be the minimum that every day should meditate and to annihilate, of rest would be losing the time wretchedly.


All the Urdhvaratus J�anas (or Marriage Gnostics) of the world will be, affiliated to the different Institutions J�anas, fulfilling our oath, and practicing minimum a month twenty times The Sahaja Maithuna?


Are all the siblings of the J�ana of the earth, completing exactly the entirety of the three factors of the revolution of the conscience?


Let us take conscience siblings that they are 10 thousand beasts of the abyss, those that manage us as marionettes, which we should eliminate. Let us take conscience, very conscience that we should create the solar bodies, so that ours becomes intimate it is embodied.


Let us take conscience of the urgent necessity, of our not conditioned essence, to the Being's readiness, so that the one realize that he has to make.


Continuing the missionary priests "Of church parish priests� lying in the Saint Altar, when saying that they give Faith, of that they don't practice, while in their intimacy their wives use contraceptives, and they fornicate with them.


Remember us of our gentleman's words The Christ Jesus, The Buddha "Aberamentho", "The time runs more fast that your own powder, don't lose an instant in looking for becoming perfect."


We leave the dogmas, for the conscience of the believers.


More for the siblings of the sincere J�ana that transcending, the institutional dark veil and of their own selfish condition; they lift the flight of their Buddhata like Celestial Eagles, and they rush with their fire claws on the 10 thousand added psychics that we load inside.


With the firm resolution, unyielding of annihilating them one to one, to integrate our soul, and to manufacture the solar bodies, with the vehement yearning that Our Sir the Intimate Buddha and the Three Divine Rays of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, are reincarnated in our Buddhata.