I consider urgent that it has been time to cooperate with the Sun if we really want the Buddhist annihilation.


I consider inevitable, eminent, to become in prosecuting of the versatile black dragon and not in having pursued by the Dragon of the Darkness


I consider in form radical, for well of the siblings Gnostics of the world that it has been time to cooperate to hundred percent with the Christ interior sun.


I consider in intelligent form, to carry out intentionally, to conscience, whit will;� with the yearning to die here and now, every day, and to all moment:� to realize systematically, with unyielding discipline:� the retrospect exercise, applied to each one of the seven sins capitals, for separate.




I consider opportune, as impersonal suggestion, to begin with the capital Mara of the lust, our gentlemen the Christ Samael ratify it to us this way:� "It is necessary to work him every day."


The lust is unwrapped as well we know all, in the two spheres, Lilith and Nahemah (as this suitable one in the Book �The Perfect Marriage�).


I consider that it would be an terrible error not to work seriously on the Mara of the lust, on their actions, FORNICATION with the spouse, adulteries, lasciviousness, illness, etc. etc. etc. Practiced or realize in this existence, inside or outside of the gnosis.

I consider logical to apply the meditation for Mara's Annihilation with the healthy purpose of: To understand, to capture, to learn the deep meaning of the Mara of the lust, to regret to have created it to prosecute him, to realize the business with the law and to annihilate it with the evident purpose of emancipating, liberate the sublime virtue of the chastity that so much we needs to apply it in the transmutation inside the alive altar of the Love and the Purity.


I consider of absolute necessity that we apply the psychological solar retrospect to each �I� of the lust that personify us, physical or psychic adultery to each �I� of the lust that personify the act dirty of the FORNICATION.


The exercise of the retrospect applied by the male to each woman and each woman to each man, with which have had sexual crossing in this existence, before entering to the gnosis, even inside the same J�ana, where fornicates and adulterate, is indispensable to realize with the purpose of understanding it, and we be sorry, get to prosecute him and to annihilate him to be able to liberate the Chastity and the Purity conditioned in these Mara�s.


Reconstructing the scene, comedy and tragicomedy either represented by the Mara of the lust that we are applying him the meditation of the Mara's death, of male or woman.


To apply him the meditation for the Annihilation from Mara to each Mara lewd, one to one, systematically, beginning with the last one, until finishing with the first �I� of the lust that� take us to the fornication in the past, and to the same adultery.


I consider that if we apply all our forces to the search of the truth and the justice, unquestionably we have to begin with the same root of the original sin that is the lust, personifying the fornication and the adultery.


I consider opportune to remember that it is not enough, not this complete the work that we are realizing alone to middle, when we don't apply him The Meditation of the Death of the Mara to each �I� lustful, fornicator and adulterate of all those women with whom we had in the past sexual trade, cross sexual, fornicating and adulterating.


Because the Psychic Attach�s "SKANDHA" of these women when having sexual contact immediately with her, automatically passed to live, to inhabit, in the different centers of our human machine, conditioning a percentage of our conscience". We need Meditate and meditate on this point Seven times Seven.


The Psychic Attach�s of these women, irrefutably they are living, tempting us with explosions of lust and of all kinds of sexual low instincts while we don't understand and let us accept that they are tempting demons, inhabiting inside our own psyche that an and another sees if we don't eliminate them, they will make us fail, either in the secret, either in the home, either in the street, in the mind, in the psyche, etc. etc. etc.


Because they have posses a defined percentage of our Buddhata in their Interior "AHAMKRITA-BAVHA"


I consider is opportune, necessary, cardinal, to eliminate of the brothel of which is loaded inside with all those harlots, and all our Mara�s of the lust personifying FORNICATION (Ejaculation of the Semen SHARA) and adulterate.


It is even necessary to eliminate the Psychic Attach�s of the lust that personify the FORNICATION, the dirty orgasm, the abominable spasm, the couples that fornicated with their spouse before entering to the gnosis or inside the same gnosis.


Therefore siblings J�ana invites them to realize this technique before described, not alone in the �I� of the lust, is for each one of the seven sins capitals in respective form.


And we assure that we will triumph that will eliminate the Mara's 50 percent to deserve to participate in the exodus that approaches.


REFUSE TO THESE TRUTHS, indicates, a state of deep dream of the conscience, a negative desire to continue with the loose CATEXIS, to continue vegetating to expense of the J�ana.


Ratifying that we should begin with the original sin, caused by the Lust, in their manifestation of fornication, orgasm, spasm, adultery and other sexual aberrations.


The one that dies, reborn intact and pure in their blessed Mother's Heart Kundalini, in the heart of Vishnu the Christ, and of the Sacred Spirit Shiva.