The �I� psychological, better said; the Goliath of the Hebraic Kabala with his thousands of Philistines: Mara�s troublemakers, murderers, drunkards, lustful, screamers, etc., they dispute a terrible battle in our interior, against the BEING.


The psychological Papapurusha is the secret enemy that we all take inside, and he has his center of evil gravity, in the hidden anatomy of the bone coccyx. SAMAEL AUN WEOR tells us that in the coccyx, we have an atom wicked super that it directs the interior Mara's activities. The wicked atom, is also, the infernal jellyfish, with all her thousands of psychological snakes that how sinister hair they makes part of her horrendous head. Obviously the jellyfish is the personification of our psychological �I� and of all our Me�s.


The legion head, unquestionably, is one, Mara, is three, is seven and are many, that is to say, the ego pluralized.


The psychological �I�, like cause, he self processed, exists, shakes and feeds each one of the 49 levels of the mind.


The light and the interior darkness, are disputed the power in the spermatic igneous chaos of the existence, in the sex is realize the great battle between angels and demons.


Fortunately, siblings Gnostics, thanks to the great cosmic law, to the siblings of the circle aware of the solar humanity, we have the "Warrior of the God" with us the V.M. SAMAEL AUN WEOR becoming trained the doctrine Gnostic, through their works of wisdom where he gives us the sacred key of all the empires.




A) We suggest climbing, to ascend, through the creative imagination and of the will aware of our Being, step for step the stairway of the meditation for the annihilation of Mara..


B) We suggest that doesn't try to spend until the following step, until has restrained the previous one.


C) We suggest before beginning the practice to take pure conscience, total, of the following psychological mechanism. That the Buddha Samael explains in his books:


���������� Self - Observation - (Revolutionary Psychology)

���������� Self - Analysis - (Revolution of the Dialectical)

���������� Self- Exploration - (Revolutionary Psychology and the Great Rebellion)

���������� Self - Reflection - (Revolutionary Psychology and the Great Rebellion)

���������� Self - Discovery. �(Revolutionary psychology and the Great Rebellion)

���������� Self - Understanding.� (Revolution of the Dialectical and Pistis Sophia Chapter 46)

���������� Self - Annihilation. �(Revolutionary psychology and the Great Rebellion)