Somebody said:� "More voucher to be a good man that a bad Deva."


In their forms more complicated Mara becomes subtly greedy, no longer holding greed of nobility, but divine holding greed, he wants that everybody call him teacher, he wants holding hierarchical and esoteric, and he loses longer infinite eternities among the karma of the worlds, no longer greed gold neither silver, but he covets hidden powers.


Mara doesn't covet honors and greatness but if initiations and grades. Mara doesn't covet dominions neither earthly Kingdom, but he covets internal Kingdom, dominions and majesties in the superior worlds, she enjoys governing paradises and although seems you incredible he arrives until to feel jealous of her own divine hierarchy and he becomes tempting ineffable.


He enjoys governing worlds and suns, and he offers their paradises to the compassion Bodhisattvas. He no longer wants to rest in comfortable earthly mansions, but yearns to rest in the ineffable happiness of the nirvana; these beings don't like the narrow, hard and difficult road.


He enjoys in rests nirvanics, celestial, while the poor humanity suffers and cries; they offer us their seductive paradises for impede us the entrance in the Absolute one.


Truly I tell you dear Chelas that is better to give up the happiness of the nirvana to follow the path of the long duty and bitter.


Being due takes direct to the Absolute one, this is better than the happiness of the nirvana, let us don't allow to fall in those divine temptations nirvanas.


The Bodhisattva that gives up the temptations nirvanas, to the planetary Kingdom that they offer him the tempting God and he gives up the nirvana (celestial happiness) for love to the humanity, He is confirmed honored three times and after eternities the right is won of entering to the Absolute one:


The Absolute one is the free life in their movement; it is the supreme reality, abstract space that alone is expressed as absolute abstract movement, happiness without limits, total omniscience. The Absolute one is uncreated light and perfect fullness, absolute happiness, free life in their movement, life without conditions, without limit.


We have to finish the Mara's process to be entitled to BE absolutely. In their form more subtly refined, Mara becomes a dangerous boy. The Mara of many teachers� nirvanas tempts us saying us:� "Abandons the hard road and come to the nirvana we are happy."


Pitied of our pain they tempt us with the happiness Nirvanic. The Mara of the Devas, Angel, Archangels, Seraphs, Imperious, Virtues, Thrones, and hierarchies of different splendors, always has the innocent aspect of children full with beauty, that �I� divine it covets grades, initiations, powers, holding divine, majesties Nirvanics and divine dominions.


The divine Mara is the same Mara man, completely refined. Listen to me! Men and Devas. Listen to me! Oh! Devas of the nirvana. Listen to me! Devas planetariums, happy, divine beings Nirvanis, and listen to me! We say:�


The long path and bitter of the duty that it takes us direct to the Absolute one it is better than the Nirvanic Happiness. Those that we follow the path of the duty don't want to move away from that path.


Oh! Of those that move away from the hard path, they will be tangled among the karma of the worlds. Us those that we love the humanity a lot say:� while there is a single tear in the human eyes, while there is a single aching heart, we refuse to accept the happiness.


Instead of coveting grades, powers, initiations and divine dominions should make an effort in being useful men to the aching humanity.


We should make an effort in the law of the great service. We should look for the fertile work in the Great Work of the Buddha.� We should look for the means to be more and more and more useful to the poor aching humanity. This is better than coveting internal securities, initiations, esoteric grades and planetary Kingdom.


The personality, the individuality and the �I�, they are the hard chains that tie us to the hard rock of the pain and of the bitterness. The Devas and the men are subjected to the pain of the conditional life, ourselves are the Mara.


In the Absolute one we pass beyond the karma and of the God; beyond the law. The mind and the individual conscience are only good to mortify us the life. In the Absolute one we don't have mind neither conscience singular.


There we are the Adhi-Buddha unconditioned, free and absolutely happy Buddha. The Absolute one is free life in their movement, without conditions, without limitations, without the galling fear of the law, life beyond the spirit and of the matter, beyond the karma and of the pain, beyond the thought, of the verb and of the act, beyond the silence and of the sound, beyond the forms.


The Absolute one is absolute abstract space, absolute abstract movement; absolute freedom, without conditions, without reservations. Absolute omniscience and absolute happiness.


We have to put an end to the Mara's process to enter in the Absolute one. The Mara human should enter to the house of the deads. He should go to the grave common of the astral spoils. He should disintegrate in the abyss, so that born the being full with majesty and power.


The Mara of many teachers enjoys with her powers and dominions; he self-declares divine and him invest-self of majesty and beauty ineffable. The Mara of many teachers gets undressed as the harlot woman to show her forms and her powers to the other ones, he enjoys counting her visions so that other they admire him and worship, he speaks of his initiations and secret things, he is as the greedy person that lives counting her money, he is as the rascal that lives full with pride constantly speaking of his blue lineage and of his big capitals.


Listen to me! Men and Devas, the initiations are awakenings of the conscience, intimate matters of the conscience; let us learn how to remain silent, to be humble, to be modest. The authentic evolution is in the conscience, not in the �I�. The �I� no evolve, he gets complicated, that is everything. The mineral conscience evolves when wakes up as conscience vegetable. Each mineral atom is the physical body of an elementary creature full with beauty; these elementary minerals have language, their conscience and they group in tribes or families; they seem innocent children.


The sublime Kingdom of the vegetables is on the mineral scale. The vegetable conscience also evolves until waking up like animal conscience. Each plant is the body of an elementary boy that aspires to enter in the animal Kingdom. The animal conscience also evolves until waking up like human conscience. Much later the man wakes up as Angel, Archangel, etc.


The Mara is so alone a larva, is the same larva of the threshold that goes getting complicated more and more and more, the �I� is the internal beast that controls the four bodies (physical, Etheric, astral and mental), that monster called "Personality" is constituted this way. The Mara of many teachers no longer wants political positions, but he wants spiritual positions, he enjoys as leader and he fights for discharges hierarchical positions inside schools, lodges and spiritual movements. We have to put an end to the process of the �I� and with the personality to be entitled to Be Buddha�s.


We have to put an end to the individuality to be entitled to receive the Crown of Justice. Only the impersonal life and the Being, they can give us the legitimate happiness of the great free life in their movement.