Unquestionably; �The Wisdom par excellence "The J�ana or Gnosis" of the Future Age of Gold of Aquarius or "Golden" Lotus; it will be based in the Synthesis:�




It doesn't fit doubt that the knowledge Gnostic Christic and Buddhist, will fuse entirely and that the religion, the Science Philosophy and the Art Sublime Gnostic of the Buddhism and pure Christianity, they will be Indivisible unit.


The Dalai Lama in the Tibet and the Buddha Samael, for order of the Sacred Order of the Tibet, they are the in charge ones supreme in official form of realize this happiness Integration.


When the great Priest King "The Dalai Lama" shortly it is restored in his throne, the Buddha Samael tells us:� I will have to work with the Dalai Lama, with the towns of the Tibet and neighboring nations, establishing the Church Gnostic firmly in the Tibet and in the whole Asian Continent.


In the Monastery Gnostic of Guadalajara Mexico the Buddha Maitreya Samael narrated the following fact that happened to him:


I was invited to give a conference Gnostic in a "ZEN Monastery of JAPAN."


The Exhibition I was realized it through the knowledge Gnostic Christic, for such a reason the Monks of the Monastery, were surprised "For the concrete Fact that mentioned THE CHRIST instead of the one to BUDDHA."


THE MONKS, BEFORE SUCH A STATEMENT, consulted to the Abbot of the Monastery that was present and had listened the Exhibition of the Buddha Samael, more the Abbot, astonished to the whole congregation of present Monks with a "KAAN" (Word or enigmatic Fact).


And in presence of all "Accepted" "That the Buddha and the Christ were Supplemented."


The Abbot of the Monastery, made bring a fine thread; which wound "In each one of the two thumbs of the right hand and left of the "BUDDHA MAITREYA SAMAEL."


The Abbot, going to their Chelas (Pupils) that didn't understand the meaning of the KOAN he told them:� "THE TWO CONNECTED FINGERS BY MEANS OF THE THREAD, MEAN THAT THE CHRIST AND THE BUDDHA ARE SUPPLEMENTED INSIDE OF A ALL ONLY".


He spoke this way in ZEN JAPANESE, the Abbot of the Monastery and ZAMAEL exclaimed:� "Facts, they are made and before the Facts we have to redeem ourselves"