We remember all the bestial horrors of the Homicidal Chinese communist Hordes, made in the beautiful country of the Tibet.


Where thousands of Monks and Buddhist Nuns, they were murdered and slaughtered horribly.


The yellow communist perverts, made fun of the Sacred Tibetan religious ceremonies and the soldiers violated without pity to nuns in their monasteries and they made awful murders.


Everything on behalf of a Materialism Dialectical absurd everything on behalf of Marxist and Leninist theories that can never be demonstrated and to resist background analysis


It reminds us this diabolical invitation with horror to the Sanguinary of Hungary, to the homicidal pervert of Nikita Kruchev, with their sinister human butcher shop in this defenseless nation.


We could write thousands of volumes about the communist barbarism, Marxist, Leninist.


It was horrible the kidnapping of more than 10 thousand children in the Tibet that the Chinese Marxist-communist government stole; to parents and mothers that were torn by the Pain, before the lost of their children.


With the Disastrous intention of washing them these perverts, to these innocent children and girls, the mind, to put them the dirty poison of the COMMUNIST MAOIST materialism.


It was awful the slaughter of nuns' thousands and Tibetan monks, they felt very wise the Soviet Chinese with Carlos' stupid theories Marx put in their heads.


And after violating the Tibetan nuns and women's thousands and girls then murdered them, despicably. To the monks before killing them made fun of them and they tortured them villainously, Mara's Beast acts this way "The Antichrist."


To the children kidnapped in the Tibet, they are taught in Beijing and to their descendant sentences like these:



Which communist or Leninist ignorant had at some time in the palm of their hand a matter piece? Without Form Some?


Which Marxist, communist or Leninist has known the Matter without form some?


Who has known the energy free of the concept of the Movement at some time?


Which Communist or capitalist to well-known the Matter in if same, the energy in if same who has known it?


And this is irrefutable, alone their modalities and use and that is everything. Neither communist, neither capitalist, neither anybody has seen the Matter, by no means the energy.


The alone human being can perceive phenomena, things, forms, images, etc.

But they has never seen the substance of the things, the Materialistic gentlemen from the USSR ignore what is hard substance totally.


And dogmatically they call it matter, when in fact alone it has been wood, copper, tin, iron, stone, etc.


The call Matter is really such an abstract concept as the beauty, the kindness and the value etc.


The dialectical communist materialist's fanatic has never seen the substance of the things in if same, such which it is and this is irrefutable.


We don't deny that they use it what they call "Dogmatically."


The Donkey also uses the grass for his food without knowing it in if same; but this is not science, this is not wisdom, and this is not anything.


The Materialistic Fanatics of the Dialectical one want, to transform to all the human beings into donkeys. "With their Materialistic ideas lacking all spirituality.


And for what we are seeing it is that the Chinese-communist Marxism has failed in the Tibet and the world. The sublime gentlemen of the Force the "DHARMAPALAS" shortly restored in their throne to the Dalai Lama.