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They have been many Dalai Lama.

We are at the moment in the fourteenth

The one which had to travel for the sacred lands of the Hindustan AND to SETTLE DOWN IN THE NORTH OF THE India in "Dharamsala."


The Dalai Lama, must Retire hastily of the Tibet.

When the invasion of the Chinese-communist hordes arrived, another road is not him more than to escape the India ago. Because otherwise he would have been murdered.


We should understand that the Dalai Lama; is an Adept of the White Lodge that works for the humanity's Good.


But Like I have said, several Dalai Lama has existed and in a future they will continue existing.


All that is a true reincarnation will be able to become Dalai Lama if the Great Law requires this way it.




The Supreme Dalai Lama is the great GURU of the Order Gnostic of the "Dge-lugs-pa" or that of the "Caps Yellow"; Mystic order that possesses the secret key of the TREASURE "ARYAVARTA AZRHAN."


That it is the science of the sexual Transmutation or Sahaja-Maithuna without SHAHRA or Seminal ejaculation, with annihilation of the psychic Attachés "SKHANDA" that personify Mara.


Their Grace "SUJOLINES" DALAI LAMA, HIS HOLINESS, is guardian and instructor Gnostic of the Sacred Treasure that alone communicates from lip had heard and secretly to the properly prepared Marriages to realize the Ritual of the Love.


It is already a fact the presence Gnostic of the Buddha Maitreya Samael, in the Asia, for such a reason the Dalai Lama and the Guru Samael, worked unceasingly to reestablish the Church Buddhist Gnostic "Then in the Tibet and the whole Asia the Tibet it Changed its History."