The Dalai Lama is the Supreme Priest of the Buddhist Religion of the Tibet, its name it means "Ocean of wisdom" The Dalai Lama, until the Chinese invasion, he had settled down in the Tibet a power Theocratic more or less absolute, that of the Yellow Caps, the Monks of the Virtuous Sect or "GELUK-PA."


In total up to where one knows, they have existed around 14 Dalai Lamas, the Tenth third Dalai Lama it died in 1933 and the tenth room was discovered and invested in 1939. Twenty years later has had to take refuge in the India, before the pressure exercised by the Communist Government from China.


The Dalai Lama (Monk King) it goes parallel in what refers to the CONFERRED POWERS to the Buddha Samael like prince of the Church Gnostic and as such it allows him to have to power to psychological spiritual on all the nations, towns, Kingdom and languages of the earth.


The Dalai Lama, indeed, is the current sovereign so much political as Religious from the Tibet, the Dalai Lama, is a true "Pope from the Tibet" and he lives uncannily, considered and revered as God, in certain monastery-palace to where for that seen it is very difficult to come closer, in Lhasa and the Moni and Potala.


The Cradle of the Dalai Lama, it is the monastery of Ganhiden located 20 kilometers of Lhasa. Of there the famous revolutionary Tsong-Kapa arose who havened the same philosophy of Samael, always taught to all initiate one:� Don't believe in anything, check in flesh and blood."


To many they will be made strange this sentence type; the Westerners could accommodate it to their prejudices and preconceptions and the oriental would have seventy percent of possibilities of capturing their deep meaning.


The Buddha Jesus notices us a lot saying:� "Take care of the Yeast of the Sadducees and of the Pharisee" obviously the yeast of the Sadducees, of the Materialists, AND it is deposited in the sensual mind of those that alone they like of gratifying their body and senses going away more and more of their buddhata or Soul.


The yeast of the Hypocrites, personifies to all the religious beliefs of the World of type Intellectual-materialists.


We should never forget that the hypocritical Pharisee is satisfied with their beliefs, they never work to save their Buddhata, and on if same and for ended they are condemned to the Failure.


The true Faith is in the conscience; alone obeying the Intimate Buddha will be able to living that is real, these that is beyond the time, and these that is the true.


Waking up the true Faith, we will be able to understand the Phenomenon of the reincarnation of the Dalai faithfully and of the Reincarnation of the Egyptian Body of Samael, the come Buddha of West.


However, the interior mind could never open up without the previous awakening of the conscience. Written it is that the Being's superlative conscience could never wake up inside the jam egoist "AHAMKRITA-BHAVA."


It is necessary to be free the conscience if it is that we want the Being's authentic awakening, inappeasable is made smash the Ego "MARA" to destroy it, to disintegrate it, to reduce it to cosmic, in the middle of dust cloud Sahaja-Maithuna (Sexual Magic) without SHAHRA (Seminal Ejaculation).


The mind goes into it bases in the Data of the superlative conscience of the Interior Buddha of each one.


The Sublime Mission that the Blessed Dalai Lama realize, in the entire world it is glorious and very soon for supreme ranks of the Sacred College of Initiate of the Planet Earth and of the Sacred Order of the Tibet, it will be restored in its throne in LHASA.


And a new spirituality will reign in the whole Asia and the World.


The Dalai Lama and the Buddha Maitreya Samael works in favor of the humanity in mutual agreement.


That the Peace is in your Buddhata.