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To smash the psychic attachés, it is only possible in the forge of the Cyclopes in the middle of chemical coitus, man and woman sexually united they are Surrounded of Terrible Cosmic Forces.


Man and woman united in the altar of the love, they are surrounded of the terrible forces that created the existence of the universe of the HELOHIM God Father Mother.


The man is the positive force, the woman it is the negative force, and the neuter force reconciles them to both.


If the three forces go against a psychic attaché or MARA, irrefutably this will decrease to cosmic powder.


The man in the middle of chemical coitus should help his wife taking the psychic attachés of her as if was own.


The woman should take the man's chemical attachés as if belonged to her. This way the positive force, negative and neuter they will go to will, to conscience, against any psychic attaché (SKHANDA) properly united.


That is the key to disintegrate the psychic attachés.


Man and woman united sexually should pray requesting to the virgin from the sea to our DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI they disintegrate such or which MARA, previously understood thoroughly.


If the man wants to disintegrate the psychic attaché, either of the hate, the lust, covets, jealousies, etc. will beg the Intimate Buddha and the divine mother KUNDALINI they eliminate such or which added psychic, and the woman will help him with the same supplication as if the attaché outside of her. "Praying in chorus at the same time" with the verb.


Likewise the man will proceed with the psychic attachés (SKHANDA) of the woman taking them as own.


The entirety of the man's forces and of the woman during the metaphysical sexual intercourse, they should go toward the man's psychic attachés and toward the woman's attachés; we will annihilate this way the animal ego.


This is The Secret Key to liberate Pistis Sophia, let us don't forget that during the chemical coitus The Man AND The united Woman are a true Divine, Omnipotent, and Formidable Androgen.


With masterful key of Buddhist Annihilation is that the Patriarch Samael will give us in the Bible Gnostic, we can and we should gradually, to eliminate the dirty spirit Pluralized.